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How to Register for the Teachers’ Permanent Residence Program in New Zealand

In New Zealand, teaching is a great career choice because it offers a wide range of job choices. Find out how becoming a teacher can lead to permanent residency. Find out what courses you can take, how much of an IELTS band you need, and the prerequisites.

In order to fill labor shortages, New Zealand is looking to hire secondary school teachers from outside. While other teachers will continue on the Work to Residence pathway, international secondary school teachers moving to New Zealand will be expedited for residency in order to support this.

With the help of this program, qualified foreign secondary school teachers can apply for residency without the need for previous New Zealand work experience through a simple and uncomplicated process.


There is a dearth of secondary educators, especially in the following subjects:

Through this program, secondary school instructors can apply from overseas for a resident permit.
If they don’t have to work in New Zealand for two years and have an offer letter from an approved employer


Foreign secondary school educators may only grant visas for the straight-to-residency pathway in the following situations:

  • If they’re at work
  • have a job offer from a recognized company if the position is in high demand and is listed on the Green List Tier 1.
  • The applicant may apply from outside of New Zealand or may enter the country on a work visa. An individual can live, work, and study and include their partner and dependant children under the age of 24 in their visa application if they follow the clear pathway to a residence visa.

Important information for Residence in New Zealand

  • A straightforward residence visa allows you to remain indefinitely.
  • Applicants must be under the age of 55.
  • Applying for a Straight to Residence Visa costs $4290 NZD.
  • A New Zealand Straight to Residence Visa takes three months to process.
  • Visit the New Zealand Immigration website to learn more about Visas and to submit an application.
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