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Women Teachers and Students in Islamabad Will Have Free Bus Service Starting From June

Activities to support girls’ education in Islamabad are anticipated to be significantly. Bolstered with the launch of a free shuttle service by the Federal Ministry. Of Education and Job Training. In an effort to address the pressing issue of inadequate transportation options. Which increases the dropout rate among female students, this innovative program. Seeks to increase female literacy rates and school enrollment rates.

According to this plan, approximately 20 buses that are currently housed. In federal educational institutions will be refurbished and distributed throughout. The urban and rural areas of the Islamabad Capital Territory. These buses will provide free transportation to teachers and students. At public and private educational institutions in collaboration with the district government.

The buses will be reserved exclusively for females in order to ensure. Accessibility and prioritize the needs of female teachers and students. These vehicles will serve as a visible symbol of the community’s. Commitment to empowering women and advancing girls’ education. Because of their striking pink color.

When Will This Program Launch in Islamabad?

This program was launched in response to a thorough internal audit that. Revealed a significant portion of the fleet of buses currently in use—roughly 30%. Was underutilized due to a variety of operational problems, including limited funding. A shortage of drivers, and improper maintenance.

The Ministry intends to utilize these resources as much as possible in the future. By providing women’s transportation services, subject to space availability. This multiple-inclusive approach highlights the commitment to addressing. The mobility needs of all stakeholders within the educational ecosystem.

The Ministry is expected to complete this program by June 15th, which is the. Deadline, and ensure that teachers and students will have timely access to transportation. This project not only helps girls in Islamabad get an education more. Easily and affordably, but it also fosters a safe environment that is good. For their general development.

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