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Federal and Punjab Government Unite Against Electricity Theft

Chief Minister Ms. Maryam Nawaz and Minister for Power. Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari, met via Zoom link on Tuesday. To discuss ways to work together to improve recoveries. And decrease electricity theft in the province.

Both leaders discussed potential areas of collaboration during the meeting. And emphasized the necessity of a district-level task force made up of prosecutors. Police, magistrates, and intelligence agencies. The task force will be tasked with addressing. The widespread problem of electricity theft.

During the meeting, the two leaders talked about possible areas of cooperation. And underlined the importance of a task force. At the district level consisting of prosecutors, police, magistrates, and intelligence services. The task force’s assignment is to deal with the pervasive issue of electricity theft.

Additionally, a consensus was achieved regarding the creation of an incentive scheme aimed. At rewarding provincial government workers. Who proactively promote increased default recovery and reduced power theft. Additionally, both parties agreed that anyone found. Guilty of stealing electricity would face harsh consequences. Including termination from DISCOS, as such acts compromise. The system’s overall efficacy and harm its reputation.

Furthermore, agreement was reached on the establishment of an incentive program. To recognize provincial government employees. Who actively support higher defaulter recovery and decreased power theft. 

What If Anybody Found Guilty of Stealing Electricity?

Both parties also concurred that severe action would be taken. Against anyone found guilty of stealing electricity. Including DISCOS employees, since such actions not only damage the system’s. Reputation but also jeopardize its overall effectiveness.

In order to ensure a more effective implementation of policies. The minister gave the chief minister the assurance that those. Who do not meet performance benchmarks will be held accountable. For their inefficiency and poor performance.

The Chief Minister and the Federal Minister both committed. To bolstering the legal framework and taking additional measures. To guarantee that individuals implicated in electricity theft are properly prosecuted.

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