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Export Bans On Bananas And Onions During Ramadan

There is a temporary ban on the export of bananas and onions during Ramadan: Commerce Minister Jam Kamal Khan

Islamabad, March 15, 2024. In the National Assembly on Friday. Federal Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal Khan expressed reservations. Regarding the ban on the export of bananas and onions, clarifying that this ban is specifically for Ramadan and is temporary. The decision to impose the ban was taken at the cabinet level. After the Ministry of National Food Security submitted a summary.

Price rise was assessed by sensitive price index and export association. This was stated in response to a notice raised by Syed Naveed Qamar. And other legislators regarding the impact of the ban on agricultural exports.

This ban will be in force until the 15th of next month. The temporary ban on export of bananas and onions during Ramadan. Is aimed at ensuring adequate domestic supply of these essential items during the holy month. Commerce Minister Jam Kamal Khan said.

This will facilitate the common people. And will not create a false impression of scarcity. The government’s decision reflects its determination. To balance the needs of local consumers with the interests of agricultural producers.

The government is aware of the farmers’ concerns and if things go well, this time frame can be shortened. Commerce Minister Jam Kamal Khan

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