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Explore the Strangest Places of the World

Enthusiasts of travel are constantly on the lookout for unique locations to discover and incorporate into their itinerary. The world is full of beautiful locations that are well worth seeing. There are 981 of them just from the World Heritage List, and most people’s bucket lists include locations like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, and the Giza Pyramids. They’re amazing, but your bucket list should also include a few more strange, enchanting, wonderful, and even peculiar places that you would not have realised existed. It’s far from it; these are some of the strangest locations you should see.

Lost World Cave

One of my favourite exploration memories is the appropriately called Lost World Cave, which is perhaps one of the greatest sites to visit. At Waitomo, New Zealand, this open cave system necessitates a 100-meter descend into an abundant ancient field that has stood the test of time. Once you’re inside, you have to hike, walk and swim to reach the smaller caves that are located throughout this underground valley. Thus, the cave is filled with glowworms, prehistoric whale bones, and possibly some spiders. The eccentric guys who will be your guide to one of the coolest adventures in New Zealand are the only way to enter Waitomo Adventure.


It is one of the strangest dive locations in the world and is situated off the coast of Isla Mujeres in Mexico. More than 500 mannequins based on the island’s locals were made by British artist Jason Deckers Taylor and submerged in the ocean as a part of an artwork that explored the theme of the link between man and environment. With time, the sculptures begin to resemble the ocean, complete with coral and algae growing on top of the concrete, capturing people in various settings. The numbers are alive in this way. When the numbers appear to pop in, it may get rather eerie when the water is a little murky and visibility is low.

Salina Turda 

It’s difficult to describe. Is this a playground and amusement park located inside a long-abandoned Romanian salt mine? That’s precisely what it is, in reality. This fantastic attraction, which is located deep below the Turda Salt Mine, has a mini-golf course, a Ferris wheel, and boats that you can ride around the small lake. When you’re travelling through Romania, there’s something about the atmosphere—combined with the fact that you’re playing ping pong underground—that makes this spot your first choice. Aside from being Dracula, or Vlad the Impaler, which is the primary reason for visiting this nation.

The Wave

Time has stopped in another place. The only forces that nature has used to sculpt this terrain between the boundaries of Arizona and Utah for millions of years have been wind and water. Please be aware that Kanab only allows 20 guests per day before you arrive. Merely 20! A 4-month advance lottery system is used to distribute 10 points, and a morning lottery is held at 9:00 a.m. on the land that was set out the day before in Khanna to distribute an additional 10 points. If you’re among the fortunate few, you’ll receive a breathtaking surprise that not many others will get to witness firsthand.


An abandoned communist complex is high in the central Bulgarian Balkan Mountains. Leaders would meet in this edifice, which from the outside appeared like a UFO, during the height of communism. It is closed to the public and has been abandoned for more than 20 years, mostly because it is unstable and could collapse at any time, endangering anyone who enters. You must slide straight through the locked, broken hatch from the building’s entryway in order to enter. Take note of the reinforcement sticking out of the concrete. Metal can jump from the roof on windy days. Proceed at your own risk and with prudence.


The remains of almost 6 million individuals were transferred every night from abandoned cemeteries located throughout Paris to underground caverns that were a part of the Paris tunnel system during the end of the 18th century. Arrange the bones into a museum instead of just throwing them outside and calling it a night. Strangely, even though the tombs are filled to the brim with skulls and bones, there is a lovely, calming feeling as you move through them.


This is a dream come true for lovers of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films. The Hobbiton village filmed in the movie was relocated to Hamilton, New Zealand, which is nearby, permanently. When the Hobito lights come on in the morning and the dust is flying, you feel like you should be quiet to avoid waking up the amateurs. Surprisingly realistic are the sets. There are actual gardens and vegetables, as well as some hobbit slot machines.

Jellyfish Lake

The only spot you’ve ever heard of where you can swim in a lake full of infinite varieties of jellyfish that never go bad. Jellyfish Lake is a fantastic location in Palau that can be reached by plane in two hours from the Philippines or four hours from Tokyo. The golden jellyfish was imprisoned in this lake for thousands of years, when it consumed glaciers, ate the algae in the lake, and lost unnecessary radiation. This is one of the world’s most authentic swimming locations, and swimming safety is guaranteed. It’s also a fantastic method to overcome a jellyfish phobia. See my post on visiting a million jellyfish for more information about this location.


Although the less well-known Bagan temples in Myanmar are more fascinating, the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia is undoubtedly one of the most well-known temple complexes in the world. During the peak of the Burmese Empire, over 10,000 Buddhist halls and temples existed. Even though it is now closer to 4,000, the number is still remarkable. Watch the sunrise illuminate the vast vistas of the temples on either side from the summit of a lofty temple or hot air balloon. Take an electric bike ride to discover. There are temples that are miles away from you if you stroll there.

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