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Discover Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains in Tharparkar Sindh

Pakistan boasts numerous undiscovered tourism destinations in addition to its remarkable topography. There are amazing natural treasures like this around the nation. In this sense, the Karoonjhar Mountains are a noteworthy illustration.

It is surprisingly situated in Tapaka District, Sindh Province, in one of the most isolated and desolate places. We made the decision to put together a thorough travel guide to the Karoonjhar Mountains in Taparkar, Sindh, because this location offers some stunning natural landscapes and tourism attractions.

Regarding the Sindhi Karoonjhar Mountains

At 305 metres above sea level, the Karoonjhar mountain range is among the lowest in the nation. It is 19 km long overall. This mountain range may be roughly 2.5 billion years old, according to geologists’ predictions.

That was the entire surface of the world experiencing active geological action. As of right now, continents are evolving. Because of this, the entire area features intriguing, unevenly sloped strata and is home to one of the planet’s oldest rock systems. Despite being one of Sindh’s earliest tourist destinations, this area hasn’t been well investigated.

The topography of the area is reflected in the area speckled with hills and scant vegetation that can be seen when driving east from the core mountain range. Furthermore, there is a transient canal called Bhetiani and Gordhro. Usually from July to September, when the rainy season occurs, these ocean currents are in motion. In Tharparkar, Sindh, this is also the ideal time of year to visit the Karoonjhar Mountains.

Where Exactly the Karoonjhar Mountains are located ?

The border between India and Pakistan is not far from the Karoonjhar mountain range. Pakistani Rangers watch over the entire area because of this. It is situated in Sindh Province’s Nagarparkar area, which is on the southeast border of Tharparkar.

The mountain range passes Islamkot Road around 132 km southeast of Mithi City, Sindh Province. This is the finest route to the Sindhi Karoonjhar Mountains if you are leaving from large cities like Karachi or Hyderabad. In order to continue travelling, you can also make a halt at Mithi and visit the city.

Tourism in Karoonjhar Mountains

Because of its rich history, the entire region of Nagarparkar and Tharparkar is essential to Sindh’s tourism sector. The Sindh Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) has created Sardharo Picnic Point at Karoonjhar, Nagarparkar, for the convenience of visitors, and it is listed on its official website.

To make things easier for visitors, a pedestrian bridge was recently constructed in the area to span two slopes. The Sindh Tourism Development Authority (STDC) intends to upgrade the infrastructure surrounding the Karoonjhar Mountains in Nagarparkar, just like it has done with other well-known tourist destinations in the state.

The government are also attempting to renovate historical structures in the vicinity of the Karoonjhar Mountains. In this context, the Budisar Mosque, Marvi’s Well (locally referred to as “Marvi Jo Kunh”), and the Jain temples from the sixteenth century are noteworthy.

These ancient religious monuments and ceremonial spaces can be found close to the Karoonjhar Mountains. They date back thousands of years. Thus, if you would want to learn more about these historical locations in Sindh, do let us know when is the ideal time of year to visit the Karunga Mountains in Tapakar, Sindh.

Weather of Karoonjhar Mountains

We must monitor the local weather in order to determine the ideal time of year to visit this mountain in Sindh. It is one among Sindh Province’s tourism attractions, and the weather is always dry and dusty there. Being a portion of Pakistan’s largest desert, the Thar Desert, makes the Karoonjhar mountain range primarily dry and dusty.

Nevertheless, as was mentioned, the monsoon season, which typically lasts from July to September, brings almost no precipitation to the region. Before visiting this mountain range in Sindh, you should be aware of the following if you have already begun preparing your bags for your vacation.

How Important Karoonjhar Is

The province of Sindh, which is well-known for its sweets and warm climate, offers a wide range of attractions. Pakistan is endowed with exquisite beauty by the Almighty God. Karoonjhar, with its natural minerals, is one of Sindh’s most attractive sites.

The city of Tharparkar is home to the Karoonjhar mountain range. This hill is located on the northern bank of the Kachi River, not far from Nagarparkar. Has Chinese clay and granite in it. The Karoonjhar mountain range spans 19 km and rises to a height of 305 metres. The mineral resources in these mountains are abundant.

Things to Remeber While Traveling to Karoonjhar Mountains

You cannot readily explore the mountains in the scorching desert and sun, therefore pick a cloudy day for the tour. During the day, the temperature can rise above 40 degrees Celsius. Avoid visiting the Sardharo picnic area in Karoonjhar, Nagarparkar, if there is water flowing there. In this region, landslides happen frequently during the rainy season.

The route across this hilly and mountainous region is currently narrow, uneven, and lacks carpet. Avoid glancing at the mountain scenery when driving and instead give the road your whole attention.

Discover Tharparkar Sindh’s Magnificent Karoonjhar Mountains Karoonjhar will get quite dark at night because there are no lighting fixtures there. Thus, if possible, please attempt to depart the location before dusk.

The Pakistan Rangers are in charge of the region, as was previously stated. This implies that using drones or professional cameras is prohibited. To capture images of your travels, you can only use the camera on your smartphone.

Please remember to include all the appropriate hiking gear for your safety. Hikers should be cautious due to the steep slopes and rugged terrain in this area. Even if there are plenty of dabas and cafeterias in the area, it is advisable to bring your own food for security’s sake.

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