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Discover the Hunza Valley Hidden Treasures

Pakistan is among the world’s top destinations for travel. Pakistan has several places that are worth seeing, and Hunza Valley is no exception. Keep reading this post to learn about the sites to visit in Hunza if you wish to discover the hidden treasures of the Hunza Valley.

There is nothing better than exploring the hidden treasures of Hunza Valley if you are tired of the daily grind and want to escape the boredom to savor some priceless moments of life.

Gentlemen! Heaven on Earth is the Hunza Valley. Visitors come here to relax and enjoy their vacation from the stresses of everyday life. It offers you a different, often hidden glimpse into beauty.

You will gain a deeper understanding of nature thanks to the Hunza Valley’s enthralling beauty and verdant surroundings. The most stunning and alluring location in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, is Hunza. It is well-known for its breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. It is a favorite among vacationers because of its expansive vistas.

Ideal time to go April through October are the ideal months to visit Hunza because of the pleasant weather and opportunity to explore the entire valley. This is the time of year when you can see the hues of fall and enjoy the abundance of cherry blossoms in this area. Visit Hunza between the second week of March and the end of April if you adore cherry blossoms.

Undiscovered Treasures in Hunza Valley

Pakistan is endowed by God in every way. It has rivers, the sea, plateaus, mountains, and deserts. There are several valleys in Pakistan’s northern regions that one should see before passing away. Among them is the Hunza Valley.

We’ll talk about the hidden treasures in the Hunza Valley today that will entice you to visit.

Peak Rakaposhi

A mountain called Rakaposhi is a component of the Karakoram Mountain Range. At 7,788 meters high, it is renowned for its vista. Rakaposhi, often referred to as Dumani (Mother of Mist), means “Snow Covered.”

While visiting Hunza, it is visible from all directions. People are mesmerized by the mountain’s grandeur and capture its scenery to create lasting memories. It’s morning and dusk if anyone wants to see the breathtaking scenery of Rakaposhi in bloom.

Baltit Fort and Altit

Tourists have shown a significant deal of interest in Altit Fort, an old fort located in Hunza Valley. The Mir family, who ruled Hunza, called it home. These days, it serves as a museum where visitors can view the area’s historical legacy.

The Agha Khan Culture Trust renovated the Altit Fort in 2007, effectively preserving its historical legacy.

Another fort in Karimabad, the Hunza Valley capital, is Baltit Fort. The same kings that lived in Altit Fort also called it home. The emperors left this fort in 1945 and relocated to a new palace. Following that, Agha Khan Culture arrived to preserve the fort as it began to deteriorate. It functions as a museum as well. Visitors come from all over the world to observe the ancient legacy, which is still growing.

Lake Attabad

Today, Hunza Valley’s most popular tourist destination is a lake that was created as a result of the tragedy. This massive landslide in Attabad Village in 2010 created this lake.

The lake has evolved into one of Hunza’s most popular tourist destinations and a source of income for the locals. Enticing because to its crystal blue water, this 13-mile stretch is about 358 feet deep.

Travelers camp on the lakeshore and spend the night here, taking in the tranquility and calming sound of the running water. This lake is paradise for those who love to take risks. They can satiate their thirst for adventure here via boating, jet skiing, and other activities.

Rapid Lake

After Attabad Lake, Hunza Valley is home to yet another stunning and enthralling lake. It is the most picturesque location in Nagar and is located in the Nagar valley in Hunza. At number 27 in the globe, Rush Lake is the highest point in Pakistan.

Rush Lake’s captivating hues will transport you to a different planet and instill inner tranquility. You will be able to see the amazing and mesmerizing views of Ultar Sar, Spantik, Miar Peak, Phuprash Peak, and Malubiting as you travel towards Rush Lake.

Southwest Border

The town of Sost is a crucial destination for both travelers and cargo transport drivers, as it is the final settlement on the Karakoram Highway before the Khunjerab Pass, which separates Pakistan and China.

You should pause here, bring some food, and enjoy a stunning view of the Karakoram Mountain Range from the Sost border if you choose to continue your drive to Khunjerab Pass and spend some time there.


Upper Hunza’s Gulmit, sometimes called Gul-e-Gulmit, is a historic old town. There are glaciers, peaks, and mountains in this town. This town itself conceals a multitude of natural hues. Tourists are drawn to Gulmit because of its stores, hotels, museums, and old and historic sites.

In addition, one can enjoy taking pictures and creating memories with companions while admiring the picturesque view of Passu cones from this location. As previously noted, Gulmit offers a variety of tourist attractions. A selection of them are listed below.

  • Valley of Chipursan
  • Shimshal Valley
  • Boibar Valley
  • Misgar Valley
  • Borith Lake

You won’t forget Hunza Valley until the day you die, once you discover its hidden treasures. Plan your vacation to Hunza if you want to create memories and spend some priceless time with your loved ones.

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