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Best Local Food Points in Lahore

The capital of the Mughal Empire was once Lahore, a bustling, stunning city. It is now colloquially referred to as Pakistan’s culinary and cultural capital. Or, more generally, as a culinary fortress. You haven’t been born yet if you haven’t seen Lahore, as they say, “Jinnay Lahore nai vekhaya o jamya nai.” With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most famous Indian dishes from. Lahore that have helped to shape the city into what it is today.

Paaye from Sultanpura’s Manoo Siri Paaye

A dish of paaye to die for, served with warm roghni naans. And cool meethi lassi, satisfying every desi breakfast craving!

Shafi Tikka Shop, Saddar Bazaar: Beef Khoya Tikka

These mouthwatering morsels of Shafi Tikka are expertly grilled. You could happily eat these without the naan and head home.

Thousands of people visit Bashir Dar ul Mahi, Mozang, specifically for their Besan-Fried. Rahu, a popular fried fish dish during the winter months. It tastes great with the creamy aalu bukhara chutney that it is served with.

Amritsari’s Hareesa Road Hareesa, Nisbat

You will be blown away by this mouthwatering, Kashmiri dish of. Meat cooked with wheat flour and a ton of ghee in Amritsari.

Taka Tak from Samanabad’s Cafe Riaz

Stir-fried brain and kidney in a lahori style with lots of vegetables and taka tak on a big pan… Every time, I pack one to take home. EVERYTIME.

Waris Nihari House, Anarkali 

Nihari is a great place to enjoy shahi breakfast, which is stewed beef with lots of masala and ghee. Waris Nihari is located in the Anarkali bazaar.

Chanay from Amir Road Shadbagh, Jeela Chanay Wala

Honestly, Jeela Chanay Wala in Shadbagh is the best place to get chanay. Whether it’s plain, murgh (chicken), or mutton. Other chanay walas are outclassed by the tastes and texture of the masala and chanay.

Daal Mash from Copper Road, Lakshmi Chowk’s Latif Hotel

Everyone enjoys a well-cooked daal mash that is aromatic and has a buttery texture. The aroma of it hits your nose and you instantly come alive. When you see it served with garnishes of coriander and tarka. Visit the Latif Hotel to experience it, and you’ll thank us afterwards.

Jaidi’s Biryani Rice dish Biryani

Though relatively new, this biryani is really delicious. Together with two shami kebabs, raita, salad, chutney, and zarda (sweet rice) or firni, it is served as a package.

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