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Pakistani Students Can Now Apply for Scholarships in Turkey

Aspiring students now have the chance to realize their dreams of pursuing. Higher education overseas, especially in Turkey. Significant scholarships are available for Pakistani students enrolling in 23. Undergraduate and 17 graduate programs for the Fall 2024 semester. According to officials from TED University, an institution situated in Ankara.

TED University’s international program officials disclosed that new students would. Receive scholarships ranging from 25% to 100%, contingent. On their academic achievements and other qualifications, during the. Devcom-Pakistan webinar that took place on Sunday. Notably, the GRE and English language proficiency. Exams will not be required of Pakistani students.

Can Öney, who works for the International Programs Office, emphasized. TED University’s prestigious reputation in Ankara and its highly skilled. Faculty members who are committed to helping students succeed. The university provides a range of free facilities for learning. Health care, and leisure.

The undergraduate programs are offered by five faculties, which include. Engineering, architecture, psychology, and mathematics. Numerous subjects are covered in graduate programs, including. Engineering management, economics, and data science.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 24:1, TED University can accommodate. About 5,000 students while still providing individualized attention. It is encouraged for students to work with faculty members on group projects. Academic studies, and research projects.

The head of the international student community, Haares Munir. Praised the welcoming atmosphere of the university. And spoke of a feeling of belonging. He underlined the availability of opportunities for leadership development. As well as facilities for sports, recreation, and health.

How Can Students Enhance Their Time With These Turkey Scholarships?

To enhance their time at university, students are urged to take part. In outdoor learning and leisure activities. It is recommended to have at least a basic understanding of. Turkish in order to communicate with locals and deal with everyday issues.

The deep historical ties between Turkey and Pakistan were emphasized by. Devcom-Pakistan Executive Director Munir Ahmed. Who also emphasized the significance of increased cooperation in a number of areas.

The goal of the student exchange program is to improve bilateral relations and. Promote understanding between the students of the two countries. Levent Ocal, the Head of TED University’s International Programs Office, thanked. Pakistani mothers for entrusting Turkey with their children’s education and emphasized the. Friendly welcome and sense of fraternity shown to Pakistani students in Turkey.

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