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Cena Skeptical of Gronkowski Kick Confident in Himself

Weathers believes Gronkowski can make the kick, while Cena, playing the role of Gronkowski’s “arch-nemesis,” disagree

In a playful exchange about an upcoming Super Bowl stunt, John Cena expresses doubt about Rob Gronkowski’s ability to make a planned field goal kick. 

The banter unfolds as part of a FanDuel ad campaign, featuring the wrestler-turned-actor and the retired NFL star in a face-off over Gronkowski’s kicking prowess.

Cena, 47, humorously points to Gronkowski’s miss in last year’s attempt, dubbing it the “Kick of Destiny.” Despite a planned do-over in front of a live audience in Las Vegas, Cena remains sceptical, stating: “He missed last year. And I think he’s going to miss this year.” FanDuel’s campaign invites fans to place a free pick on whether Gronkowski will succeed or fail.

The plugs paving the way to the kick highlight Gronkowski, rumpled after his past miss, being instructed by a far-fetched coach, Carl Climates.

Climates accepts Gronkowski can make the kick, while Cena, assuming the part of Gronkowski’s “main enemy,” conflicts. Fans can line up with either Climates or Cena in making their forecasts.

Cena, who appreciated working with Gronkowski in spite of the prearranged competition, ponders their common associations, including the NFL star’s short VIP spell in WWE and his three Super Bowl wins with Cena’s old neighborhood group, the New Britain Loyalists.

As fans expect Gronkowski’s kick minutes before Super Bowl LVIII, Cena adds a lively test.

In the event that a speculative “Kick of Fate 3” scrutinizes Cena, he with certainty says, “I really do figure I could make it,” crediting his capacity to convey when it counts. Cena’s humor and certainty add an engaging turn to the development, making the FanDuel lobby a thrilling introduction to the Super Bowl occasion.

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