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Cambridge Start Investigation for Rumored Leak of AS Level papers

Concerns concerning a potential leak of the AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12 exam. Which was administered on May 2, 2024. Have been brought to the attention of Cambridge International Education (CIE). CIE confirmed that an investigation is in progress and acknowledged. The reports in a statement that was shared on their official Facebook page. As stated in the statement,

Concerns regarding a possible paper leak for AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12. On May 02, 2024 have been brought to our attention. The British Council and Cambridge are closely in contact as this is being looked into. We won’t provide you more information via Facebook comments or direct messages. Instead, we’ll let you know when we have more updates.

They stressed that they are dedicated. To upholding the fairness and integrity of their. Exams and that they are closely collaborating with the British. Council, which is in charge of conducting CIE exams across international borders.

Students who took the exam experienced severe anxiety as a result of this incident. Many people have shared their concerns on social media. Worried about how it might affect their grades and chances for further education.

This narrative is still evolving. We have contacted those who may be affected to inquire. About their thoughts on the disclosure of the AS Level Mathematics 9709 Paper 12 exam. We’ll keep an eye on things and share any new information as it becomes available.

Is Cambridge and British Council Collect all Information?

An investigation was launched, and Cambridge and the British Council are. In contact to gather accurate information, according to a post published by CIE. Updates on the matter should be made as soon as comprehensive. Information becomes available.

The British Council, which oversees the administration of CIE exams worldwide. Is working closely with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Which has emphasized its commitment to maintaining. The integrity and fairness of its exams.

Students who took the exam experienced significant anxiety as a result of the recent. Alleged A-Level paper leak in Pakistan; many posted worries. About the impact on their grades and future academic opportunities on social media.

As a result, CIE has reassured parents, teachers, and students that they are. Taking the situation seriously and are collaborating closely with the. British Council to look into the scope of the leak and any possible consequences.

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