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Morocco Offers Scholarships to Pakistani Students

Pakistani students now have access to scholarships opportunities. Through the Moroccan Agency of International Cooperation (AMCI). According to a statement released by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

HEC announced on Wednesday that AMCI is providing scholarships for Pakistani students. To study for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees. At public universities in the nation in 2024–2025. May 10 (Friday) is the cutoff date for online applications submitted. Through the HEC portal.

HEC stressed the significance of thoroughly reading all instructions and promptly. Submitting a finished online application on the HEC portal. HEC does not require hard copies. Of applications at this point in the application process.

The scholarship is only open to citizens of Pakistan or Azad Jammu and Kashmir. As well as those who live there permanently. Dual nationality holders, however, are not permitted.

When a student applies for a professional degree (medical, engineering, nursing. Architecture, law, veterinary medicine, etc.), it is their sole responsibility. To first confirm that the program is accredited by the relevant councils. Such as the Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners (PCATP). The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), the Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC). The Pakistan Technology Council, etc.

What is the Application Process for this Morocco Scholarships?

At this point in the application process, prospective applicants. Are not required to send any documents (hard copies) to HEC. The following materials must be submitted by only those who have been shortlisted.

Prospective applicants are asked to put together an application dossier. With the necessary information, such as a copy of the signed HEC application form. Attested copies of all educational records, a copy of their CNIC. A letter of motivation from the candidate, documents attesting to their exceptional. Academic performance, proof of their involvement in extracurricular. Volunteer activities, and a letter of recommendation highlighting the candidate’s qualities. In order to avoid any inconvenience down the road.

The doctoral thesis proposal and the dissertation/thesis required. To earn a master’s degree are submitted by doctorate candidates.

A clean record (Certificate of Police Clearance) that was obtained. No more than six months prior to the application deadline. A medical certificate attesting to the applicant’s good. Health is required for all applications. A certified medical certificate from a medical professional stating that the applicant. Is free of AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, C, or any other epidemic conditions.

If the applicant is hired, the employer’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be needed.

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