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How ‘Nak da Kokka’ Became the Voice of PTI Support : Malko Journey

“Nak da kokka” is a sensational song that started as any normal Punjabi beat, but now has become an icon. From playing on just Punjabi weddings to heating up the political Jalsas. The journey of this song has been so captivating.  

The “Kalaa Jorra” famed Punjabi singer Muhammad Ashraf Malik aka Malko. A very prominent figure in the Pakistani music industry released the song. Just like any other song of him. Not knowing that the song is going to get controversial. And further become the whole Nation’s favorite. It was just a line from the song that attracted controversy. And there were rumors of Malko and Sara Altaf, getting arrested because of it. Which gave even more hype to this masterpiece.

According to reports, it was said that the lines were. In favor of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan and Adiala jail. And it is considered to be an attack on Pakistan’s Judicial system. Despite the initial chaos, Malko’s steadfast demeanor. And Sara Altaf’s unwavering support only fueled the public’s curiosity. And interest in the song.

“Naak da kokka” is a solo song released on December 2023 reflecting the category of Tappay.

Which is a genre of Punjabi music from the duo of Malko and Sara Altaf. The composition and lyrics done by Malko himself. Reflect his profound understanding of Punjabi culture and music. The song initially dropped on the Youtube channel Malko Studio. And later took a storm on social media. Specifically Tiktok where it reached 5.2M views in just a month. Its popularity continues to soar, resonating with audiences’ workdwide. And solidifying its place as a modern Punjabi cultural icon.

Though the initial song wasn’t in favor of the Imran Khan, it was just another slang that are used in Tappay. Later, looking at the passion and excitements of fans Malko took a step forward and released “Nak da kokka 2”. Which is completely about favoring Imran Khan and the vision of PTI. All of the nation and Pakistanis residing. Outside the country have become addicted to the beats and lyrics. Where the singer and his team are receiving well-deserved recognition.

They say you’re sure of your success when the competition starts copying you. When the song was considered to be in favor of a particular political party. Though the singer had no intention to do this, its popularity reached another level. The opposite political party also started copying its music and lyrics.

Now, on public demand and singer is openly endorsing PTI. And their motive is trying to support the party at the local level, from his city Multan. Where Malko added a line for PTI candidate Maher Bano and released the extended version of the song. 

Malko has consistently released a string of hit Punjabi songs. That remain unforgettable to this day. Malko’s songs are an integral part of Punjabi weddings. As they authentically celebrate and embody the essence of Punjabi culture. He stands among the select few artists dedicated. To preserving genuine Punjabi folk traditions. Through his musical contributions. Recognizing artists like Malko on an international scale is crucial. As they play a pivotal role in showcasing and preserving. The rich cultural heritage embedded in Punjabi music.

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