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Balochistan Torrential Rains Disrupted Transportation Between Pakistan and Iran

Torrential rains have caused flash floods in Balochistan, south of Pakistan, affected Chagai, Noshki, Quetta and nearby areas. The floods have damaged national highways and railway tracks, disrupting transportation between Pakistan and Iran.

Western Balochistan, near Afghanistan, was hit by heavy rainfall for hours, resulting in flooded cities and villages. According to Tawar-e-Pakistan informations, many mud homes have collapsed and walls have been breached, causing significant damage in far flung areas. Rescue operations are underway to assist affected communities after three days of rain.

Residents were compelled to evacuate as floodwaters inundated homes along roads and low-lying regions, particularly in Koi Khan Village, Dalbandin area of Chagai district, where dozens of mud houses succumbed to the deluge.

Railway tracks near Noshki railway station were obliterated by the flash floods at multiple points, disrupting goods train services for the second time in the past ten days.

The Quetta-Taftan highway faced prolonged closure in the Chatter area of Dalbandin, impeding the movement of numerous vehicles, including loaded trucks and passenger buses, before being reopened in the evening.

The adverse weather conditions in neighboring Afghanistan further compounded the situation, amplifying flood risks in Noshki and Chagai districts, where rescue and relief operations are underway.

The Meteorological Office reported significant rainfall in Dalbandin, Quetta, and Kalat, exacerbating urban flooding in Quetta, causing traffic chaos in various areas.

Additionally, snowfall blanketed Ziarat, Musakhail, Sanjavi, and other regions, exacerbating challenges, including gas supply disruptions and transportation woes.

To address these challenges, Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti has instructed officials to, improve disaster preparedness, clear rainwater from flooded areas, establish plans to restore communication, remove encroachments from riverbanks and take steps in low-lying areas to prevent flooding in Balochistan.

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