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Ayesha Omar Considering leaving Pakistan due to safety

Actor Ayesha Omar says she adores Pakistan as the nation has given her beginning and end

Pakistan actor Ayesha Omar is considering leaving Pakistan given the ongoing financial circumstance and the security of ladies in the country.

“I don’t have a good sense of security here. I need to stroll out and about, as it is each human’s need to go out for natural air. I need to cycle however for what reason mightn’t I at any point make it happen?” she said while talking during a digital recording.

Omar said the main time ladies could stroll outside was during the Coronavirus lockdown. “I feel worried and restless in Karachi and I simply don’t have a solid sense of reassurance, and I don’t figure numerous ladies do,” she said.

“Men can never comprehend what Pakistani ladies grow up with regardless of how diligently you attempt. The trepidation a lady confronts in this nation can’t be perceived [by a man]. You feel restless consistently.”

She said that when she was in school in Lahore, she felt a lot more secure there than in Karachi, adding that she used to go in transports. When inquired as to whether she had any occurrences in Karachi, she said that she had been robbed two times.

She bemoaned that she can’t stroll in that frame of mind unafraid of being abducted, assaulted or robbed. “Opportunity and wellbeing are a fundamental human need which hasn’t arrived,” she focused.

“You are not even protected in your home. Wrongdoing occurs in each nation yet you can in any case go out and walk unreservedly. I couldn’t in fact go to a recreation area [in Pakistan] without being badgering,” she added.

Notwithstanding, Omar said that she adores Pakistan as the nation has given her beginning and end. “I love the land and in the event that I have the decision to browse anyplace on the planet to live, I would pick Pakistan,” she said. The actor said that her sibling has moved to another country from Pakistan and lives in Denmark and her mom additionally plans to leave the country.

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