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At Arid University, Mobilink Bank Opens a “Center of Excellence For Women.”

The nation’s first “Center of Excellence. For Women” has been established by Mobilink Bank. the top digital microfinance bank in Pakistan, in collaboration with Arid Agriculture University. one of the nation’s top agricultural schools, to promote financial literacy. This move demonstrates the bank’s continued commitment to advancing women’s financial inclusion.

In this collaborative effort, Arid University’s outreach program. Which provides its services to some 200 rural villages in the Potohar region. Will have Mobilink Bank as its exclusive financial partner.

The Bank will actively support financial literacy training. Skill development, and capacity building for women. In addition to providing tailored financial services. This will help advance agricultural education.

As a member of the VEON group, a worldwide digital operator. Mobilink Bank serves close to 160 million users in six vibrant markets. That account for 7% of the world’s population. These customers receive integrated connectivity and digital services from the organization.

Pakistan’s agriculture industry is a major employer of workers. Employing around half of the nation’s workforce. And making a significant 24% GDP contribution. Women work mostly on small farms, making up 45% of the agricultural labor force. Despite playing a crucial role, women farmers face several obstacles. Especially when it comes to using technology and financial services.

In response to these issues, Mobilink Bank has taken the initiative to empower women. Advance financial inclusion, close gender gaps, and spur economic growth. By establishing the “Center of Excellence for Women” under its flagship program. The Women Inspirational Network (WIN) program.

Speaking on the project, Mobilink Bank Chief Operating Officer Haaris Mahmood Chaudhary stated. “We are firmly committed to encouraging growth within Pakistan’s agricultural sector. Acknowledging its essential role in the country’s rural landscape.

Why Mobilink Bank Chief Choose Arid University ?

As of right now, forty percent of our borrowers work in agriculture. Demonstrating our commitment to helping individuals who are the backbone of rural communities. Recognizing their difficulties, we work to provide them with creative financial solutions. That will empower them. Our WIN program is one such effort that has already achieved progress. By providing thousands of women across the country with important knowledge and skills. We are ready to work with Arid University to advance even farther.

By opening this center, we are reaching a wider audience and providing more women. Especially women farmers—with the crucial financial and digital tools. They need to prosper in the difficult environment of today.

Associate Professor Dr. Gulshan Irshad of the Department of Plant Pathology. Faculty of Agriculture, PMAS AAUR, stated. “We are pleased to work with Mobilink Bank. As a partner as an organization committed to agricultural growth. Our outreach initiatives provide cooperative education seminars that teach farmers. Particularly women farmers—about financial literacy and agricultural best practices.

This strengthens our communities and establishes a beneficial relationship. Between Mobilink Bank and prospective clients. We are dedicated to growing this program and making Mobilink Bank accessible. To all agricultural universities in Pakistan.

Mobilink Bank is committed to establishing collaborations. That advance women’s financial and digital inclusion even. As it broadens its influence and reach.

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