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Babar Azam To Become Pakistan Captain Again?

There is talk of a change in leadership for the Pakistani cricket team after Shaheen Shah’s failure as captain in New Zealand and the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Babar Azam, the former captain, is once again a candidate for leadership. He had resigned from all forms of cricket leadership due to the poor performance of the team in the 2014 Asia Cup and World Cup.

PCB replaced him with Shaheen Shah for T20 and Shan Masood for Test cricket, but both captains failed their initial test. Under Shan Masood’s leadership, Pakistan suffered a whitewash against Australia in a series of three Test matches. Under Shaheen Shah’s leadership, the team faced the fear of being whitewashed for the first time in the T20 series against New Zealand, which the latter won by 4-0. In the PSL, the performance of both team leaders was not ideal, especially Shaheen Shah, who led the two-time PSL champion Lahore Qalandars. In the recently concluded season 9 of the PSL, they had their worst performance, winning only one out of 10 matches.

After this failure, there were talks of a change in the national T20 captaincy. PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi recently held a press conference where he hinted at the possibility of a change in leadership, especially in the context of the Pakistan cricket team’s upcoming international engagements in the next few months. It is now being reported that Babar Azam is a candidate for the leadership of the team once again, and PCB officials have contacted him.

Sources say that he may have an important meeting with the board officials before going to Abbottabad to participate in the fitness camp held at Kakul Academy. If offered the position, he would want certain assurances from the PCB before accepting this important responsibility

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