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9 children playing with mines died in the explosion

This tragic incident took place in a normal neighborhood of the historic city of Ghazni, Afghanistan. The explosion was so terrifying that the delicate bodies of the children were blown away.

In Afghanistan, the children were playing with a mine that was defunct, and suddenly there was an explosion, as a result of which 5 girls and 4 boys were killed. In a similar incident in Herat province, one child was killed and 5 were injured yesterday. All the children who were playing with landmines died on the spot and 9 children between the ages of 4 and 10 died while playing.

It should be remembered that since 1979, during the Russian war, the Taliban government, and then during the decades-long civil war that followed, landmines were laid due to explosions or children’s hands. The series of deaths is still ongoing. Other international organizations including the Red Cross have called for the complete elimination of mines in Afghanistan and to provide awareness to citizens, especially children, about the death of mines. The International Committee of the Red Cross says that the war Explosive landmines continue to cause casualties, with children being the biggest victims.

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