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239 Lahore Schools Were Labeled as “DEFAULTERS” For Failing to Set Up Book Banks.

According to a report on Saturday, the Education Authority Lahore. Designated up to 239 Lahore schools as “defaulters” for failing to establish book banks. The heads of these schools disregarded the District Education Authority of Lahore’s. Orders and failed to set up book banks, which resulted in a serious shortage of books.

Following a book shortage, parents gathered at the Education Authority office. To file complaints about their delayed delivery of the books. The children have not yet been able to receive 100% of the books that. They would like because these schools do not have book banks.

The heads of 239 schools have been asked to respond. By the Education Authority Lahore for their failure to provide book bank data. The Education Authority instructed school heads in letters. To promptly submit the books’ records from the book banks. The Education Authority further directed that if the data is not provided by April 6. The school principals will be subject to sanctions under the PEDA Act.

What CEO of DEA’s Opinion On Book Banks of Lahore Schools?

The CEOs of District Education Authorities (DEAs) throughout. The province have been instructed by the Punjab School Education Department (SED). To set up book banks in the districts’ schools.

Based on a decision taken by the Provincial Cabinet at its meeting on January 10, the new course was chosen. The decision was made to create book banks in public schools throughout the province. By keeping a maximum amount of free textbooks. In schools from students who have graduated.

It is important to note that at the beginning of each new school year. Public school students receive free textbooks. The plan called for distributing the retained books to the new students. The heads of schools who hold onto a larger proportion of their textbooks are to be noted by the CEOs of the DEAs.

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