Thursday, June 13, 2024
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A Second Report Of Basham Attack Exposed

It has been revealed that the second report regarding the attack on Chinese engineers in Bisham has been sent to the federal government. The report highlights that the Chinese residents were not provided with bullet-proof vehicles and the carrying vehicle was not both bulletproof and bombproof. Unfortunately, among the Chinese nationals who lost their lives in the attack was a female engineer.

According to the police report, an aerial photograph of the crime scene has also been obtained and Thana Bisham is about 6 km while Dasu Dam is 77 km. Far from the scene, the destroyed bus was 15 feet away from the other bus and the suicide blast plunged the bus 300 feet deep. The police report states that all the buses involved in the Chinese convoy have CCTV cameras installed. Parts of the vehicle used by the suicide bomber have been obtained. It should be remembered that a few days ago, 6 Chinese citizens, including a woman, were killed in a suicide attack on the vehicle of Chinese engineers in Bisham.

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