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Why is Tourism Not Viewed as Trade?

The exchange of goods between peoples and nations is referred to as trade. As more foreign visitors came to Pakistan in 2016, the tourism sector brought in almost US$7.6 billion in revenue. In Pakistan, tourism is overgrowing and economically vital.

In 2020, over 1.9 million foreign visitors came to Pakistan, a 30% rise. They appear to value our history, historical sites in science, culture, and athletics, as well as things used for business or medical purposes. In Pakistan, the tourism sector directly employs over 2 million people.

Over the last three years, Pakistan has seen an enormous increase in tourism.

  • Compared to 2022, there were 30% more tourists in 2024.
  • More than two million people work directly in the tourism sector.
  • Tourism also encourages local handicrafts and ethnic integration.
  • It also helps advance knowledge of Pakistani culture and heritage among other countries. Heritage, ecotourism, adventure, cultural, medical, and business tourism are the main reasons foreign visitors come to Pakistan.
  • The most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan for foreign visitors are Skardu, Swat, Gorakh Hills, Gawadar, Gilgit, Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi.

How Can Trade or Economic Business Be Related to Tourism?

The global economy of many countries depends heavily on tourism. Traveling within the nation of destination has numerous advantages. The country’s infrastructure is developed, thousands of jobs are created, economic income rises, and awareness of cross-cultural exchange between residents and visitors is raised by tourism.

Numerous jobs in a variety of sectors are generated by tourism. These jobs are in the agriculture, telecommunications, health, and education sectors in addition to the tourism industry.

Many visitors come to explore the various customs, cultures, and cuisines of the host nation. For local businesses, malls, and restaurants, this is very profitable.

Tourism has a big impact on people in Melbourne, Australia. It has about 4 million people living there, of which about 22,000 are employed in tourism.

Is Pakistan able to develop a tourism sector?

Tourism is an intricate field that needs careful consideration and preparation. Over the past ten years, Pakistan has seen an increase in the number of tourist destinations, particularly with the construction of more roads along the Karakoram Highway. In addition to connectivity and accessibility, it’s important to consider issues related to public awareness campaigns, energy, resources, traffic management, health, and real estate development.

Pakistan’s potential for tourism has long been recognized. Due to political unrest and security concerns, it hasn’t drawn many foreign visitors despite being widely publicized as a hidden gem. Governments have become interested in the concept of making Pakistan a tourism destination over time. Certain measures have been implemented to establish communication and travel to isolated regions, particularly in the country’s north.

Statistics of Pakistan’s Tourism Industry

The prime minister is working on a private project to develop Pakistan’s tourism potential. Upon joining the government, his goal was to construct four tourism complexes annually, with the goal of having 20 by the end of his term. All of this is done to increase national tourism.

Pakistan is ranked 130th for travel and tourism policies, 138th for safety and security, 102nd for health and hygiene, 138th for human resources and labor market, and 130th overall out of 141 countries in the list. and favorable circumstances, 120 government-identified travel and tourism priorities, 107 for infrastructure related to tourism, and 141 for the Environmental Sustainability Index of 141 nations.


The foundation of any nation’s trade is tourism. Pakistan’s tourism sector is enthusiastic and capable of leveraging its status as a “developing country” to its advantage. The government must thus investigate the wonders Pakistani tourism has to offer if it hopes to compete on the international scene. This covers all options, such as adding new tourist attractions, developing tourism organizations by enlisting the help of provincial authorities, establishing policy frameworks, protecting current interests and generating more revenue, and growing and attracting a larger number of visitors to our country. Recognizing Pakistan tourism as a trade is the best approach to attract more investors and raise GDP levels.

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