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What Happened In The Nushki Incident?

He was sitting near women, so he was saved. What did the eyewitnesses see in Nushki? As soon as the armed men entered the bus, they asked for identification and asked the people from Punjab to stand up. We thought that some thieves were robbers, they would loot, take away mobile phones, etc. and they would slap someone but let them go, what did we know that they would shoot everyone? These words are from Tariq Hussain, a resident of Lahore. Nine passengers on the bus were shot and killed by unknown persons after abduction in Nushki district of Balochistan. Tariq Hussain was going to Iran from Quetta via Taftan along with the persons who were killed.

He said in Civil Hospital Quetta. We left Quetta on Friday evening. Near a bridge, a man first signaled the vehicle to stop but the driver did not stop the bus some other armed men were standing at a distance who stopped the bus and two of them got inside. He said that as soon as the armed men entered, they asked who among you was from Punjab.

I was sitting in the front seat, a family was sitting in front of me with a woman and a child. He also belonged to Punjab. The armed men did not say anything to me as part of the family and went to the back of the bus where the young men were lying. According to Tariq Hussain, the armed men confirmed that they were from Punjab and then took them down. He told the bus driver to get out of there quickly. According to him, I thought that these were some thieves or robbers who would steal the mobile, etc., maybe they would slap someone and leave. What wrong did we do, but later we found out that everyone was brutally killed. Eyewitness Zahid Imran was also riding in this bus. He survived, but six people from his village were killed in this incident.

Zahid Imran along with the dead bodies of his colleagues reached the Civil Hospital Quetta from Nushki. He looked in a state of shock. We all left the village together, they were all killed but I survived. They said that we left our homes a few days before Eid to go to Iran to work. There is not enough labor in the village. I did the painting work myself, and two other people with us knew Mason’s work, so I decided to go abroad. Zahid Imran informed about the details of the incident and said that there were about 40 people on the bus, 30 of them. Bhag belonged to Punjab. There was also a visiting group of 19 persons including women. Some local people were also on board. According to Zahid, two armed men boarded the bus. First, they started saying bad things, and then they asked people for their identity, I remained silent. A family from Punjab was sitting in front of us, accompanied by women. The armed men did not say anything to them and moved on. I was sitting on the seat next to the women, maybe they considered me a part of the family, so my life was also saved

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