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Why Iqra Aziz Ask Not to Recites Bismillah on Set?

Iqra Aziz recited Bismillah

Iqra Aziz, an accomplished Pakistani actress, has recently opened up about a disheartening experience she faced on the set of a play. While on a private TV program a few months back, the host asked if any senior actor or actress had ever criticized her for not respecting her seniors or not understanding. Although Iqra Aziz had never faced such an incident, she mentioned that she always recites Bismillah before starting any work, including a scene in a play, as a habit.

However, during one such scene, a senior actor on set forbade her from reciting Bismillah, stating that they do not recite it before a scene since the dramas they perform are untrue, and it is inappropriate to mention Allah’s name before a lie. Although Iqra Aziz agreed with his reasoning, she believed that her livelihood is at stake, and she would continue to recite Bismillah. When the host inquired about the actor’s name, Iqra Aziz laughed and refused to name him.

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