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US Based Pakistani Tycoon’s Generous $9 Million Donation for NUST Scholarships

American-Pakistani business tycoon Tanweer Ahmed has contributed a substantial $9 million to Islamabad’s National University of Science & Technology (NUST), with the aim of providing financial assistance to underprivileged students and facilitating their access to quality education through scholarships.

NUST has officially affirmed the collaboration with Ahmed, establishing an Endowment Fund dedicated to supporting economically disadvantaged students. This initiative is anticipated to benefit nearly 200 students annually, as they become recipients of scholarships. Notably, the $9 million donation stands out as one of the most significant contributions made by an overseas Pakistani to any university in Pakistan.

In an interview with a private news channel of Pakistan, Ahmed expressed his intention to extend this philanthropic initiative to other universities. The Endowment Fund at NUST is designed to operate permanently, ensuring sustained support for deserving students. Ahmed disclosed plans for a formal ceremony at NUST Islamabad next month, attended by Pakistan’s top leadership, marking the official launch of the scholarship program.

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Houston-based businessman Ahmed outlined the scholarship distribution process, emphasizing its merit-based nature. He highlighted that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) would facilitate the annual awarding of scholarships, underscoring the commitment to assisting students who face financial constraints in accessing quality education.

The decision to initiate the Endowment Fund stems from my commitment to assist talented and deserving Pakistani students, enabling them to excel in cutting-edge sectors like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Technology (IT), and emerging technologies. Recognizing the pivotal role these sectors will play in the future, I am confident that Pakistan stands to gain significantly from the prowess of its youth.

Tanweer Ahmed, an American-Pakistani entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, collaborates with major corporations, non-profit organizations, and hospitals. Renowned as the proprietor of Houston’s largest cricket complex, the Prairie View Cricket Complex, and the Houston Hurricanes cricket franchise, Ahmed is a multimillionaire with diverse business interests, including ownership of California’s largest transport company and ventures in the energy and medicine sectors.

Contributing over $50 million in aid during the devastating 2022 floods in Pakistan, Ahmed’s commitment to philanthropy is deeply rooted. Hailing from Sialkot, he embarked on his American journey as a student, initially working in a restaurant and gradually building his own restaurant business. Today, he oversees multiple successful businesses, drawing inspiration from his humble beginnings and firsthand knowledge of Pakistan’s realities to empower its youth.

Emphasizing the transformative power of education, Ahmed believes that successful overseas Pakistanis have a duty to give back to their homeland. He underscores the need for increased philanthropic efforts, especially directed towards modern education and knowledge, to uplift the younger generation.

Notably, Ahmed’s contributions extend beyond the Endowment Fund, including the establishment of a hospital in Sialkot. NUST Rector Engineer Javed Mahmood Bukhari lauds this initiative, noting its perpetual benefit to financially challenged students, opening doors for thousands of Pakistani boys and girls to access world-class university education in the years to come. Bukhari expresses gratitude for Ahmed’s unique partnership, highlighting its potential to bring about remarkable societal impact by transforming the lives of numerous Pakistani families.

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