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University of Sargodha Hosts Research Colloquium on Mass Media

The Department of Communication & Media Studies at the University of Sargodha. Sargodha, today hosted a research colloquium focusing on the evolving trends. In mass media research amidst global information and perception warfare. The event gathered leading scholars, educators, and students to explore. The critical issues surrounding fake news, global propaganda, and the role,. Of media conglomerates in shaping public opinion.

In his opening remarks, the Head of the Department Dr. Mudassar Hussain Shah. Stressed the importance of understanding and researching global information and perception warfare. He thanked the guest speaker on behalf of the university. Administration for their valuable insights and contributions to the colloquium.

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sargodha. Prof. Dr. Gulam Abbas Gondal highlighted the need. To understand fake news and global propaganda. He argued that global media conglomerates often have vested interests. That drive the dissemination of confusion, chaos, and disappointment. He emphasized that research, reading, and consultations with educators. And reliable sources are the only remedies to counteract. The effects of information and perception warfare.

The event’s guest speaker, Professor Dr. Saqib Riaz, Chairman of the Department. Of Mass Communication at Allama Iqbal Open University. Provided an in-depth analysis of why those in power are spreading fake information. He noted that public opinion plays a crucial role in democracies. As the voices of people significantly impact policy and governance.

Dr. Riaz discussed the evolution of media and explained. How global power elites control information flow. He mentioned that the confusion increased with the advent. Of the internet and social media, unlike conventional media. Where the sources were identifiable. Now, the source and the objective behind the information are often obscured. Dr. Riaz highlighted the importance of research to understand emerging issues in media. Including fake information and perception warfare.

The event concluded with remarks from Noman Yasir Qureshi. And the colloquium was moderated by Dr. Saima Kausar.

This research colloquium underscored the University of Sargodha’s commitment. To promoting a deeper understanding of mass media’s evolving trends. And the pressing need to combat misinformation in a world. Where information is more accessible but often more ambiguous. The Department of Communication & Media Studies continues. To foster critical thinking and scholarly discourse to navigate the complex media landscape.
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