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UHS Announces Expedite Degree Issuance Following Final Results

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has resolved to expedite the process. Of awarding degrees to students within three months. Of receiving their final test results. This decision was made during the 79th Syndicate meeting, presided over. By Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ahsan Waheed Rathore.

This project attempts to reduce candidate wait times while also streamlining. The degree issuance procedure. Furthermore, it was agreed to imprint “On Court Orders” on degrees. And transcripts deriving from judicial decisions. The syndicate approved the start of a 4-year BS Generic Nursing degree program at UHS. Which will be taught at the Jinnah campus.

The institution now has 79 associated nursing institutes. The members were informed that private candidates seeking admission. To the university’s MS Nursing program would be required to complete three years. Of post-graduate teaching experience. They can either pay the entire program fee or commit to teaching at UHS. For three years following graduation in the form of a surety bond, which will free them from fees.

What is UHS Reviced Service Statutes?

The syndicate also adopted the UHS Revised Service Statutes for 2024. With the formation of the UHS College of Pharmacy, a public notice. Will be issued to assist the affiliation of pharmacy institutions. Within Punjab’s geographical boundaries. Pursuant to the terms of the UHS Ordinance 2002.

Furthermore, the syndicate approved the establishment of a four-year. BS Generic Nursing degree program at UHS, which would be delivered at the Jinnah campus. The institution now has 79 associated nursing institutes.

Private candidates seeking admission to the MS Nursing program were required. To complete three years of post-degree teaching service. They can either pay the entire program tuition or sign a surety bond committing. To teach at UHS for three years following graduation, exempting them from fees.

Furthermore, the meeting approved the establishment of other administrative jobs. Participants included VC Fatima Jinnah Medical University Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal. Pro VC UHS Prof. Nadia Naseem, and Principal Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur. Prof. Soufia Farrukh, Prof. Arshad Cheema, Dr. Zahid Pervaiz. Prof. Sidrah Saleem, Prof. Sarah Ghafoor, Dr. Muhammad Abbas, Professor Maryam Malik.. Professor Samina Kausar, and additional secretaries from. The Punjab Specialized Healthcare and Finance departments.

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