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Top Sweets of Pakistan

Usually, after a meal, we have a craving for something sweet. The majority of people find that. they cannot fully satiate their hunger until they consume sweets or sweet dishes. Thus, sweets play a vital role in our lives.

The majority of Pakistani events, such as engagements, marriages, births, Eid. religious festivals, and many more, seem incomplete without sweets.

Ras Malai

Ras Malai is a dairy dessert made of pistachio-topped, round, soft. and delicious cakes of curd cheese that have been intensely flavoured. With sugar and condensed milk. It tastes fantastic. On regular days as well as during events, people adore having them. Famous for its Ras Malai, Rehmat e Sheerin is a sweet spot on Tariq Road.


Our classic candy, Rabri, comes in a clay jar. A person can consume the entire dish at once,. Aperfect combination of thick curd cream and creamy milk. That is subtly sweetened with sugar and saffron. Though it is well-known throughout the nation. Hyderabad is particularly well-known for its unique Rabri in Pakistan.


Barfi is the age group’s favourite. It’s a solid piece of milk that contains condensed milk and sugar essence. Burfi comes in a variety of varieties, all with nearly identical tastes but distinct hues. Barfis with colours of green, white, and light brown are well-known among Pakistanis. In addition to them, the flavours of pistachio and coconut barfi are also very rich.

Gulab jamun

Because jamun fruit is round in shape and typically soaked in a syrup scented with rosewater. It is likely that gulab jamuns, also known as Rose-Fruits, got their name from this fruit. It is made with milk powder, flour, butter, cream, or milk, deep-fried in the shape of a ball, and then soaked in sugar syrup. In Pakistan, it is the most sought-after confection on all occasions. The most well-known product of United King Bakers. And Sweets is their mouthwatering gulab jamuns.


Baking soda, water, gramme flour (besan). And fermented batter flour (maida) are the ingredients of jalebi. This fermented batter is deep-fried by pouring it into hot oil in concentric circles. These deep-fried spirals are subsequently served. After being submerged in sugar syrup for a short while. It is the most popular dessert that people eat at mehndi mayo events and casual get-togethers. It also comes in another highly well-known variety called Amarti. Which is orange in colour. When served, it’s one of the special desserts that no one can resist.

Chum Chum

Gulab Jamuns’ sibling is Chum Chums. It tastes slightly different and is white. Essentially, chum chum is a traditional Bengali dessert that is enjoyed. All over the Indian subcontinent. which also encompass Pakistan. In addition to white, it is also prepared in light pink and light yellow. As a garnish, it is coated in coconut or mawa flakes. Typically, one Chum Chum won’t be enough to sate your sweet tooth. You lick your fingers after devouring it all because it tastes so good.

Sohan Halwa

Multan was essentially the birthplace of Sohan Halwa. Also referred to as Habshi Halwa. The most well-known in the entire nation is the Hafiz Halwa Shop in Multan. A mixture of water, sugar, milk, and cornflour is boiled until it solidifies to make it. One uses saffron to add flavour. To improve the flavour, cardamom seeds, pistachios, and almonds are added.

MotiChoor Laddu

Every event calls for Moti Choor as the most popular laddu, particularly mayo. And engagements. It is composed of common flours such as ground coconut, wheat semolina. And gramme flour (chickpea flour). These are mashed together with sugar and additional spices. Cooked in ghee, and then shaped into balls. While some people find laddus to be unappealing, most people find it to be enjoyable.


Patisa is a delicious sweet with a modern, distinctive design. Its magnificent presentations are the reason for its fame. The traditional Soan Papdi has a softer, creamier incarnation in Patisa. On the other hand, the Soan Papdi adds a tiny texture and crunch. People go insane devouring this irresistible, mouthwatering dessert. Which is enhanced by the rich taste of Desi ghee.

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