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Today Is Sindh Culture Day

Every year, the Pakistani province of Sindh observes Sindh Culture Day as a way to highlight and celebrate the region’s rich cultural legacy. Every year on the first Sunday in December, it is usually observed. The occasion provides an opportunity to honor the rich history, culture, and customs of the Sindhi people.


The first official Sindh Culture Day was observed in 2009. The non-profit Sindhi Foundation, which aims to conserve and advance Sindhi culture, took the initiative. The day was decided to agree with the birthday of famous Sindhi Sufi writer Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, who made critical commitments to Sindhi writing and culture. From that point forward, the festival has become increasingly more notable, turning into a yearly occasion in Sindh as well as among Sindhis living abroad.


The day is set apart by an assortment of social parties, occasions, and exercises that feature the unmistakable highlights of Sindhi culture. There are multiple ways of observing Sindh Culture Day, for example,

Traditional Clothing:

Individuals’ conventional Sindhi clothing incorporates brilliant outfits, topis (caps), ajraks, and a customary wrap. This shows the dynamic and various design feeling of the area.

Cultural Performances:

Celebrations, musicals, and dance exhibitions feature Sindh’s customary music and dance structures. Melodies and society moves like Dhamal, Jhoomar, and Sindhi Saqafati Sangat are ordinarily performed.

Art and Craft Exhibitions:

Celebrations, musicals, and dance exhibitions feature Sindh’s conventional music and dance structures. Society tunes and moves like Dhamal, Jhoomar, and Sindhi Saqafati Sangat are routinely performed.

Literary Events:

Since the festival falls on the writer Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s birthday, scholarly occasions are coordinated in his honor. Talks and courses on Sindhi language and writing are normal, and his verse is oftentimes discussed.

Educational Activities:

Schools and other instructive establishments generally take an interest by coordinating instructive projects intended to show kids Sindhi language, culture, and history.

Social Media Campaigns:

In the cutting edge period, online entertainment is a critical device for spreading familiarity with Sindh Culture Day. To celebrate and advance Sindhi culture internationally, individuals trade pictures, recordings, and messages with each other.

As well as uniting individuals to commend the wide assortment of Sindhi customs, Sindh Culture Day fills in as a bringing together power among the Sindhi people group, empowering a feeling of satisfaction and brotherhood.

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