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The 2024–25 Budget Is Rejected by Private Schools Association

The All Pakistan Private Schools & Colleges Association has rejected the federal budget for 2024–25, while voicing grave concerns about the government’s disregard for the private education sector.

Speaking with reporters here on Thursday, Dr. Malik Abrar Hussain, the association’s central president, expressed how regrettable it was that the private education sector, which has assisted the government in providing the greatest education possible to millions of Pakistani children, was not given any assistance in the budget. The association’s central president bemoaned the budget’s lack of support for the private education industry, which teaches millions of Pakistani youngsters.

Hussain stated that the budget’s disregard for private education demonstrated the current government’s anti-education stance, which alarmed the private education industry in particular. The budget made no mention of aid for religious Madrassas, and government employees’ pay ought to have increased in line with inflation.

Hussain went on to say that the budget did not provide any relief for religious schools or funds for their growth and development, which was disappointing the religious community as well.

Millions of children receive free food, lodging, and religious instruction from religious madrasas, to which the government ought to have given a large portion of its budget. Sadly, though, it didn’t take place. The foreign finance minister’s incompetence is evident in the budget.

Hussain drew attention to the fact that the budget did not raise government employee pay in accordance with inflation and did not offer any assistance to Islamic madrassas. He accused the government of taking a pro-business position against education by undervaluing private education.

Hussain also mentioned the dissatisfaction among the religious community about the paucity of funding allotted for the growth and upkeep of religious schools, which provide millions of students with free housing, food, and religious instruction. He targeted the finance minister in particular when he accused the government of being incompetent.

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