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Tampering Exposes in Intermediate Exams Karachi

A comprehensive investigation into the anomalies surrounding the results of Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) examinations has been conducted by a three-member committee appointed by Sindh’s caretaker minister, Justice (retired) Maqbool Baqar.

The inquiry was initiated in response to widespread dissatisfaction and protests stemming from a significant number of students failing their inter exams.

The committee’s findings, outlined in a detailed report, revealed extensive tampering in the results of English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Eight officers within the intermediate board of Karachi have been identified and held accountable for these irregularities.

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The dissatisfaction among students reached a boiling point, leading to protests and a surge in the submission of scrutiny forms by those who failed in the examinations.

The discontent extended to parents who expressed frustration over the perceived misuse of their educational investments, emphasizing that the BIEK charges Rs 400 for the scrutiny of each subject.

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Former chairmen, Dr Saeedudin and Naseem Memon, along with other officials, have been implicated in the tampering of Karachi inter exam results. In light of these revelations, the Sindh government has officially written to the anti-corruption department, urging the registration of cases against those responsible for the manipulation.

As the situation unfolds, the Sindh government’s decisive action and the call for legal accountability underscore the seriousness with which the irregularities in the examination results are being addressed. The aftermath of these findings is likely to prompt a reevaluation of examination processes and a renewed commitment to transparency within the education system.

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