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Summer Classes Are Banned by the Punjab Education Foundation

The 24NewsHD TV channel claimed that the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) decided not to allow lessons to be held at its partner schools during the summer break, which started on May 25.

The PEF Deputy Managing Director emphasized that this prohibition has been put into place because of the unusually high summertime temperatures. He further underlined that school owners who are found to be hosting summer camps during this time will face harsh penalties.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of children amidst the scorching heat remains a paramount concern for the Foundation,” he said once more.

In order to guarantee adherence to these directives, provincial education committees have been established in each district. These committees are made up of fifty AEOs, twelve deputy DEAs, and three DEAs. They are mandated to produce detailed reports and carry out daily inspections.

The district teams in Lahore have been tasked with examining public and private academies and schools to ensure complete compliance with the decision. Severe action will be taken against any violation of the ban.

Apart from the outright ban on summer camps, all extracurricular and curriculum activities in schools are strictly prohibited. Parents are urged to report any infractions to the province’s CEO offices, where their grievances would be taken care of.

Due to the extreme heat, the education department has prohibited summer camps in schools during the summer break, which began on Tuesday for colleges and government and private educational institutions.

Yasin Baloch, the chief executive officer of the District Education Authority, threatened to take swift and severe departmental action against the head of the government school that is organizing summer camps. Private schools that are holding summer camps will close in the interim.

Over 200 of the 7,500 partner schools in Punjab are concentrated in Lahore. PEF is a well-known educational organization that oversees this network of schools.

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