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Student from Mardan Develops Software to Determine the Precise Location of Aerial Firing

A Mardan Engineering University student has created software that can pinpoint the precise location of gunfire anywhere in the city. The software may notify authorities in a matter of seconds about the exact location of shooting, which is a major breakthrough in crime prevention.

Muhammad Ali, a student, claims that the programme can pinpoint the source of aerial gunfire in less than five seconds. According to Ali, this invention makes it possible for law enforcement to use Google Maps to locate criminals.

An additional gifted Engineering University Mardan student has created an electrically driven wheelchair that is brain-controlled. Adil Bacha, the inventor of the original wheelchair, stated that people with brain damage but paralysed limbs are intended to use this type of wheelchair.

Adil Bacha went on to say that it is intended for patients like these who are mute. He said that the patient himself is able to move around in his wheelchair thanks to brain control.

“I designed this wheelchair to enable patients to move freely between locations,” he stated. He said that more efforts are being made to remove the patient from the wheelchair.

A wheelchair prototype for quadriplegic patients was developed by two students at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Mardan last year. The wheelchair is based on electroencephalography (EEG). Under the guidance of Dr. Jawad Ali, Muhammad Dawood and Mohammad Faizan Akhtar created this brain-controlled wheelchair.

The prototype comes with an EEG headset and a battery-operated wheelchair with strong motors that can support a person or a weight up to 250 kg. Brain signals are detected by the headset when the user imagines moving left, right, forward, or backward. An Arduino microcontroller receives these signals and uses them to tell the motors to move in the appropriate directions.

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