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Slovakia Offers Complete Scholarship Opportunities

Central Europe is home to Slovakia, formally known as the Slovak Republic. It shares borders with Hungary to the south, Austria and the Czech Republic to the west, Poland to the north, and Ukraine to the east. Slovakia is a small country with stunning scenery. It is among the European nations that has successfully combined urban, rural, and historical elements.

Slovakia’s primary language is Slovak. You would be able to comprehend rudimentary Russian, Polish, and Serbian once you were proficient. Nonetheless, secondary schools and elementary schools (grades 3 through 9) are required to teach English.

Similar to Poland, English is commonly spoken in big cities, so interacting with natives should not be too difficult. However, you would truly need to know Slovak if you were to leave the city. Thus, if you would like to study in Slovakia, I suggest picking colleges in the following cities: Nitra, Trnava, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Košice, Prešov, and the capital, Bratislava. It will be simple for you to choose which institution to apply to because I have supplied a list of universities and the related Masters and PhD degrees that are offered in English.

Concerning Studying in Slovakia

The Bologna Process, which is also used in Austria, Germany, Poland, and Italy, provides the basis for the educational system in Slovakia. You can review my blog post from Study in Austria, where I go over the Bologna Process and the various EU member nations’ educational systems.

Slovakian universities teach the majority of their master’s and doctoral programs in English. I therefore heartily suggest studying here. September marks the start of the academic year, which finishes in August. The academic year is divided into two semesters, or three trimesters (winter semester runs from September to January and summer semester from February to June). The good news is that university students can work twenty hours a week in department stores or cafes. However, you wouldn’t have to work if you applied for the scholarship.

Living Expenses

Slovakia is a developed nation with high standards of living, a safe environment, and a high income economy. Living in the capital city of Bratislava as a student, you might be able to get by on about 1,500 euros a month. This sum ought to cover the cost of a one-bedroom apartment’s rent, utilities, food, transportation, entertainment, medical expenses, and other expenses. Since the capital city has the greatest cost of living, it is significantly less expensive in other cities or nearby communities. Nevertheless, living expenses in Slovakia are significantly lower than in Germany, France, and the UK.

Let’s examine the costs one by one:

Rent: The monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Bratislava’s city center is from €600 to €800. In smaller cities like Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Nitra, and Trnava, this can drop to between €300 and €500 per month.

Grocery: The cost of food is reasonably priced. A single individual’s monthly food expenses could range from €150 to €200.

Utilities: The monthly cost of electricity, heating, air conditioning, water, garbage, and other essential utilities is from €150 to €200. It will cost you €20 a month for internet.

Transportation: A monthly public transportation pass in Bratislava costs approximately €30.

Activities: Depending on your lifestyle and hobbies, this can vary greatly. On the other hand, a mid-range restaurant lunch can cost about €10, while a monthly gym membership can cost between €30 and €40.

Medical: The monthly premium for international students’ health insurance can reach €30.

The Slovak Republic’s National Scholarship Program, however, eliminates the need to worry about living expenses.

Concerning the Scholarship

Under the Slovak Republic’s National Scholarship Program, the government of Slovakia is providing full scholarships to foreign students who wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree. Worldwide, there are roughly 50–100 spots available for overseas students, although few individuals apply. Accommodations, flights, tuition, and a monthly stipend are all covered by the scholarship. I have 80% confidence that a Caribbean person who applies for this scholarship and has high marks will be awarded it. It is preferable to start gathering and scanning the necessary documents to upload to the website for submission in advance of the April application deadline.

The scholarship website is as follows: The website 

List of Slovakia’s Scholarship Opportunities

Below is a comprehensive list of Slovakian scholarships available, categorized by degree of study:

Scholarships for bachelor’s degrees:

Bachelor’s program offered full-time: The target audience for this scholarship program is international students who want to enroll full-time in bachelor’s degree programs at Slovak Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Housing, tuition, and living expenses are covered by the scholarships. In addition to meeting the requirements of the chosen bachelor’s program, candidates must have completed high school or its equivalent.

Bachelor Study Stay (short-term mobility): This option enables international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree to take part in study abroad programs at Slovak higher education institutions for a brief period of time. The scholarship pays for living expenses throughout the study stay in addition to travel and housing. Applicants need to be enrolled in a bachelor’s program at their home university in addition to fulfilling the conditions set out by the host university in Slovakia.

Scholarships for master’s degrees:

Master’s program offered full-time: Foreign students who wish to enroll full-time in master’s degree programs at Slovak higher education institutions are eligible to apply for this fellowship. For the duration of the master’s program, housing, living expenses, and tuition are covered. Applicants must have a relevant bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and complete the requirements for admission to the master’s program of their choosing.

Master Study Stay (short-term mobility): With this scholarship option, international students can participate in short-term study mobilities at Slovak Higher Education Institutions as part of their master’s degree program. The scholarship pays for housing, transportation, and living expenses throughout the study stay. Candidates need to be enrolled in a master’s program at their home university in addition to fulfilling the prerequisites specified by the host university in Slovakia.

Scholarships for PhDs:

Doctoral program offered full-time: International applicants are welcome to apply for this grant if they want to attend Slovak research institutes or universities full-time to pursue a PhD. For the length of the PhD program, it provides money for living expenses, research fees, and tuition. Candidates must possess a master’s degree in a related discipline or its equivalent and meet the prerequisites for admission to the PhD program.

PhD Study Stay (short-term mobility): Applicants for this grant must be international PhD candidates who wish to conduct short-term research mobilities in Slovak HEIs or research institutions. The fellowship covers the costs of travel, housing, and research during the study visit. Applicants must be enrolled in a PhD program at their home university and fulfill the requirements set out by the host university in Slovakia.

Prospective candidates should consult the official websites of Slovak Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), relevant government agencies, or international scholarship portals for comprehensive information on eligibility requirements, application procedures, and deadlines. Additionally, if applicants require any additional assistance or information regarding the scholarship programs, they are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate schools.

Procedure for Visas

Caribbean students have two options: first, they can apply for a student visa at the Slovak Embassy in Havana, Cuba, and then, upon arrival, they must obtain a temporary residency permit. An alternative is to obtain a 90-day tourist visa to enter Slovakia, change it to a study visa, and then apply for a temporary resident permit when you are there.

Opportunities Following Study

You can apply for a full-time career in one of Slovakia’s in-demand industries after graduating. Chemical, electro-chemical, automotive, light industrial, food processing, back-office support, engineering, building materials, wood, paper and cellulose, mining, and metallurgical are Slovakia’s principal industries. Slovakia has the excellent advantage that if you work for a Slovak company, they will handle the processing of your work visa rather than you. Applying on your own, after landing the job, to obtain a resident visa is an additional choice. The job contract, a police clearance, and the application fee receipt are all that are required for this application.

It could be necessary for you to have at least an A2 level of Slovak language competence if you desire a high-paying career following graduation. For this reason, taking a Slovak language course concurrently with your degree program is advised.

Trade, manufacturing, IT, logistics, administration and management, accounting and economics, engineering and electro-energetics, and administration and management are the greatest areas to look for work.

You can apply for permanent residency in Slovakia after two years of study and three years of employment.

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