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Sindh Education Boards Failed to Announce Exam Results After 10 months

Ad-hocism within the boards has prevented three of Sindh’s education boards. From releasing the results of the intermediate part-I exams for the past ten months.

This ad-hocism involves the appointment of commissioners as chairmen. And frequent chairmen turnover. The results of the inter-part-I exams have never been. Delayed for this long in the province’s history.

It has sparked questions about whether the interannual exams can be held. In the upcoming month and a half. Details state that the inter-part-I exam results for the science, arts. And commerce groups have not yet been released. By the education boards of Hyderabad, Nawabshah, and Mirpurkhas.

In addition, it seems that neither the province’s chief minister. Nor the provincial government’s universities and boards department are aware of the students.’ distress or the delay in releasing exam results.

During his term, the Nawabshah commissioner was named chairman of the board. By the acting chief minister. The Nawabshah education board chairman, Dr. Muhammad Farooq. Stated that the process of preparing results and verifying copies. Had been put on hold but had since been picked back up.

What Dr. Muhammad Farooq Said About Delaying Exam Results?

He hoped that within the next ten days, the results would be made public. In the instance of the Hyderabad board. The chairmanship was bestowed upon the Hyderabad commissioner.

Numerous appointments and transfers are cancelled by the Sindh Education Department.

Furthermore, in violation of the regulations and the directives of the Supreme Court. Former minister Ismail Rahoo had previously appointed Prof. Ali Ahmed Brohi. From Sindh University’s Department of Sociology on a deputation basis.

Similar to this, Masroor Zai, a grade 18 deputy controller. Has held his job unopposed for the previous 12 years. Every time he is taken out of the country, he has been able to obtain a stay order from the court.

For the past three weeks, the Mirpurkhas education board. Has also been operating without a chairman. Disregarding the Supreme Court’s orders as well as regulations. Rahoo had appointed Zulfiqar Shah from Islamabad as the chairman through deputation.

The Sindh High Court dismissed him because of their deputation appointments. Nevertheless, since his dismissal, the board’s daily operations have been severely disrupted. And the process of preparing exam results has come to a complete standstill.

It is important to note that the results of the interpart-I exams have been affected. By the Karachi commissioner’s appointment as chairman of the Board. Of Intermediate Education Karachi.

The eighth steering committee meeting. Of the Higher Education Development Project (HEC) is being held.

The low result ratio prompted the formation of a committee. Which is chaired by Dr. Sarosh Lodi, vice chancellor of NED University. The committee made the decision. To raise science students’ grades solely in their elective subjects. While maintaining the same level in their required subjects.

Because of this, the majority of students did not profit from the decision. And did not pass required courses like Islamiat, Urdu, English, and Pakistan Studies.

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