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Second French Alumni Day celebrated in Pakistan

In May 2024, France and other countries including Pakistan across the world will celebrate the Second France Alumni Day, also known as the World Day of International Graduates from French Higher Education.

In addition to the prestigious event at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in Paris on May 15, 2024 at the Quai d’Orsay, which will be attended by alumni, the “France Alumni Day” program consists of numerous different projects. These will be organized by academic institutions and alumni networks, and will take place in France. Additionally, French embassies, consulates, and Campus France spaces worldwide will host meetings, competitions, and seminars.

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Prominent French corporations such as L’Oréal, Schneider Electric, Total Energies, and Alstom are actively seeking individuals who are prepared to pursue global careers in Pakistan and are providing prospects for career advancement through international mobility. The core values and competencies of the education project offered in France are evolving in a multicultural environment, resilience, and a challenge-oriented mindset. These values and competencies are also the main asset of our alumni network, which serves as a talent pool to connect qualified individuals with lucrative private sector jobs.

In honor of this second edition, three networking events will be held in the following cities for Pakistanis who completed some of their professional training and education in France. These events will bring together representatives from the French Embassy, businesses, and influential individuals. Campus France Pakistan, France Alumni Pakistan, and the Pakistan-French Business Alliance will host all of these Pakistanis.

  • Karachi, Monday, May 20
  • On Wednesday, May 22, Lahore
  • Islamabad on May 24, a Friday

The French ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Nicolas Galey, Mr. Alexis Chahtahtinsky, Consul General of France in Karachi, and Mr. Habib Anwar, Honorary Consul of France in Lahore, will each offer a welcome address to kick off the activities in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

The French Embassy in Pakistan’s Higher Education and Scientific Attaché will lead a panel discussion featuring alumni and businesses. The French Embassy’s Head of Economic Department will also be present and provide his knowledge to the panel. These will be occasions to highlight alumni’s careers and demonstrate how their academic training in France influenced their professional decisions.

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