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Saudi Arabia Expands Number Of Scholarships For Pakistani Students

The allocation of scholarships for Pakistani students pursuing higher education in 25 prominent universities in Saudi Arabia has recently witnessed an increase, rising from 600 to a total of 700 scholarships.

These scholarships are generously sponsored and fully funded by the Saudi Arabian government, offering a valuable opportunity for Pakistani students to pursue their academic aspirations in the Kingdom.

Both aspiring candidates residing in Pakistan and those who are already residents of Saudi Arabia are encouraged to apply for these scholarships. The application process can be initiated through the official university portal, which can be accessed at

It’s noteworthy that the distribution of these scholarships has been structured to ensure equitable opportunities. A significant 75% of the scholarships will be reserved for students hailing from Pakistan, reflecting the commitment to fostering educational partnerships between the two nations. The remaining 25% of scholarships will be allocated to Pakistani students who are currently residing in Saudi Arabia, thus catering to the needs of a diverse pool of talented individuals.

In their pursuit of providing educational excellence, the Saudi government has also called upon educational institutions to play an active role in disseminating crucial information and details about these scholarships. This initiative targets students in the (XI-XII and O-A levels) to ensure that deserving candidates are well-informed and encouraged to seize this remarkable chance for academic advancement

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