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Government Starts Working on Remodeling of Power Sections

To provide one-window facility to investors. Government start working to promote, encourage. And facilitate investments in the power sector. Under the applicable power policies and to safeguard the investments already made thereunder.

The new government will re-engage the IMF over the caretaker regime’s plans of tariff rationalisation and circular debt (CD) stock management. Which the Fund had earlier rejected. The authorities in Islamabad reckon that without the approval of the said two plans. The country’s economy cannot grow, a senior official of the Energy Ministry told The News.

The Federal Minister for Power chaired a briefing given by Power Planning and Monitoring Company (PPMC).

Amidst concerns over the subpar performance of DISCOS (Distribution Companies), the Federal Minister for Power, Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari has issued a directive for an immediate assessment of the senior executive management of DISCOS. The Minister emphasized the critical need to address any human resource gaps promptly.

Besides, the Minister has tasked PPMC with conducting a comprehensive evaluation of DISCOS’ Board of Directors, signaling a potential shake-up in leadership. This directive underscores the government’s commitment to improving performance within the energy sector.

Federal Minister for Power, requests PPMC proposals for Technological intervention in Power Sector. This strategic step aims to reform the sector to maximize the benefits for the end consumers.

The IMF had not supported the proposed CD reduction plan saying: “Although, if the finance minister agrees, we can go along with the TSG (technical supplementary grant) given that these funds were appropriated for this purpose.”

Beyond that, the plan does not fundamentally help to restore energy sector viability, essentially only dealing with legacy claims that not all entities even seem to record (or anticipate collecting). Equally, even after its implementation, a very large stock of the CD would remain.

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