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Punjab Government Banned Summer Camp Programs

Summer school camps are not permitted at any public or private school in the province until further notice, according to the Punjab School Education Department (SED).

The decision was made in response to other private schools announcing their intentions to host summer camps and stating they had departmental approval. The department, however, refused to give any consent for the camps, stating that no private school will be permitted to host a summer camp without formal authorization and the implementation of departmental communication and policy.

Following various private schools’ claims that the department had given them permission to host summer camps, Punjab SED made it clear that no such licenses had been given. It further said that without departmental notification and official clearance, no private school is permitted to hold a summer camp.

School heads have been directed by the Lahore District Education Authority (DEA) to stay at their schools until 2:00 PM in order to arrange furniture, computer lab, and science lab records throughout the summer break.

Additionally, grade four staff members are expected to work until 1:30 pm. The DEA has issued a warning, stressing that rigorous adherence to the instruction will result in sanctions for missing school heads.

However, there have also been grievances raised over private schools requesting three months’ worth of upfront payment from parents in order to use their summer vacation time. According to a government of education spokesman, these kinds of schools would face harsh consequences.

In addition, she asked parents who were asked to pay upfront fees by any school to file complaints with the chief executive officer of the relevant district education authority.

Additionally, school heads have been instructed by the Lahore District Education Authority (DEA) to remain in the school till 2:00 PM during the summer break in order to organize furniture, computer lab, and science lab records. Employees in grade four have been told to work till 1:30 p.m. In order to ensure that the directive is properly executed, the DEA has threatened to take action against absent school heads.

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