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Punjab Announces 30,000+ Teaching Jobs

The province’s School Education Department (SED) is experiencing. A teacher shortage of 115,000. The last significant hiring of teachers took place in 2018. Under the PML-N administration. Approximately 400–500 teaching jobs were made. In just two districts—Murree and Mianwali—during the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s rule.

Additionally, the PTI government modified the hiring process. And mandated the holding of an exam similar to the PPSC.

In order to address the shortage, the PTI government. Also introduced College Teaching Interns (CTIs) to cover open positions in colleges. The incumbent government was also advised to implement CTIs. New graduates were eligible to apply for the position of CTI, and their monthly salary was Rs 25,000.

The recruitment of 30,000 visiting teachers for schools. In the first phase is a significant step taken by the Punjab government. To address the shortage of teaching staff. 

The province’s School Education Department (SED). is struggling with a 115,000 teacher shortage. Under the PML-N administration. The most recent significant hiring of teachers took place in 2018.

How Many Teaching Jobs Gave Last Time In Pakistan?

Between 400 and 500 appointments were made. While the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf was in power. Oostly in the districts of Murree and Mianwali.

A recruiting procedure akin to the Punjab Public Service Commission’s (PPSC). was instituted by the PTI government.

In order to address the shortage. The PTI government also instituted College Teaching Interns (CTIs). To cover open positions in colleges. The current administration has been advised to carry out this initiative going forward. Candidates for CTI jobs, which paid Rs 25,000 a month, had to be recent graduates.

SED sources claim that the current administration. Is thinking about employing 30,000 visiting teachers. The amount of money they get will depend on how many lectures they give.

What Is The Initiative Of Current’s Government For Teachers?

The government intends to give school councils additional funding. To pay visiting teachers’ salaries. The councils will also be in charge of raising money to cover other school-related costs.

To address the teacher shortage, the Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) General Secretary. Rana Liaqat, urged the government to start permanent recruitment in the school department.

He claims that hiring teachers on a permanent basis is the only practical way. To address the shortage of teaching staff. The PTU General Secretary voiced his worries about the issues. That hiring visiting teachers would bring about for educational institutions.

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