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PTI Engages New Media and Lobbying Firm in the USA

PTI previously hired former CIA officer Robert Laurent Grenier’s firm and Fenton/Arlook for media and political lobbying

LONDON: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) US leader Atif Khan has confirmed that the party has hired a new public relation and lobbying firm to monitor Pakistan general elections and to engage with the US and international media.

Atif, who was recently appointed PTI Core Committee member along with Sajjad Burki by former party founder Imran Khan, revealed this while speaking at an X (formerly Twitter) online session with Sher Afzal Marwat and Dr Moeed Pirzada. 

He has previously served as a member of Imran Khan Task Force and as a focal person for the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis during the PTI government.

Atif said PTI USA has marked a three months contract with a PR firm to screen and notice decisions in Pakistan — planned to happen on February 8, 2024.

He said the PR firm will work with the standard US media to feature any abnormalities.

He said: “Over the most recent couple of days we have imparted to the US media, common liberties gatherings and onlooker bunches the episodes of paper grabbing, kidnappings, kidnappings and different privileges infringement. Our PR firm is working intimately with 10 associations.”

That’s what atif said, independently, another campaigning firm has been employed for “political decision checking and basic freedoms infringement”.

“We have marked an agreement with the campaigning firm. We are working intently through our abroad worker laborers. We will make the happenings in Pakistan an overall news. Sadly, the US State Office shifts back and forth with regards to basic liberties infringement in Pakistan.”

Hypothesis has developed whether the recently employed US-based PR firm and the campaigning bunch are behind Imran’s article distributed in the Financial expert in which the previous chief charged the US government and the Pakistani military of removing him from power for his refusal to permit unfamiliar bases inside Pakistan.

The PTI had recently recruited an American consultancy firm headed by Robert Laurent Grenier, the ex-CIA station boss in Islamabad.

While in power in July 2021, Robert Laurent Grenier’s firm called Grenier Counseling LLC was enlisted to campaign for the party.

The agreement was marked subtly by PTI pioneer Iftikhar Durrani with the firm in July 2021 under the “oversight of senior party [PTI] authorities and under the course of Pakistan government authorities” for $25,000 each month.

The Service of International concerns and Regulation and Equity Service expressed later on that the agreement was endorsed without their association regardless of the way that the duty in the agreement were to be paid by the Public authority of Pakistan.

Grenier is a CIA veteran who functioned as the covert operative organization’s top counter-illegal intimidation official from 2004 to 2006. He was likewise the CIA station boss in Islamabad during the US attack of Afghanistan in 2001.

After the evacuation of PTI government in April 2022, the PTI-USA Inc, an auxiliary of PTI, employed another campaigning firm Fenton/Arlook to give “advertising administrations, including yet not restricted to disseminating data to and preparation columnists, putting articles and broadcasts, organizing interviews with delegates or allies of PTI, exhorting via virtual entertainment endeavors and other such advertising administrations.”

The firm reached many US and western media associations and had the option to get a few meetings for Imran Khan and reports featuring PTI’s story.

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