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President Advocates Global Scientific Sharing

President Dr Arif Alvi while alluding to the significance of the technological advancement and innovations in diverse fields and the availability of knowledge, stressed the need to share the latest scientific breakthroughs, experiences and achievements for the greater benefits of entire humanity.

The president said that the availability of knowledge should not be contained under the mere tag of ‘copyrights’ as greater accessibility could help humanity to move through the current economic, social and global challenges.

The president was talking as a central visitor at a function to check the 29th-commemoration festivity of the Commission on Science and Innovation for Feasible Improvement in the South (COMSATS) at the Aiwan e Sadr.

The occasion was gone to by individuals from the strategic corps, previous representatives, individuals from the scholarly community and the media.
The president said that logical information ought to be divided between the countries with practically no impediment by resetting the needs which were centered to some degree somewhere else.

“Open information assets ought to be used and the world ought to work for the common exchange of information. The treacheries ought to be tended to,” he underlined.
The president further said that change on the planet could occur within the sight of ‘morals or humankind based request’, adding the new world would be reliant upon these movements. While the standards based world request was overwhelmed by material-driven needs, he thought.

He lamented that in opposition to the prerequisites of the world, the common propensity was towards the super rich who had been becoming more extravagant while the poor of the world were buried in destitution and hardship.
He focused on that and evenhanded dissemination of abundance on the planet could mitigate the sufferings of mankind.

“The world isn’t prepared to change the shady demeanor and end double-dealing,” he said and alluded to a new report of OXFAM which said that tycoons had multiplied their pay while around 5 billion individuals on the planet saw shrinkage in their profit.

President Alvi said that genome sequencing was one of the significant forward leaps in the logical world which had become more open to individuals because of the remarkable speed of logical turns of events.

The world is going towards outstanding advancement as the innovation will never again stay static,” he added.
In future, he said, quantum processing could deal with the information of billions of people as to their wellbeing, other than opening up ‘enormous potential outcomes in the horticulture area’.

The president referred to the agri-headway of the Netherlands, which however a more modest nation, turned into the second biggest exporter of agri-items on the planet, adding the nation had tapped the water assets by protection strategies and advancing plant science.

He said Pakistan could likewise become one of the world’s driving sustenance providing nations by chipping away at present day logical lines. Referring to expensive power creation, he said the progression in sun oriented innovation could resolve the issue.

The president likewise communicated his fulfillment that the world including Pakistan had brought issues to light about fossil fuel byproducts which actually required more extensive collaboration among the countries.

The president additionally praised the commitments of the COMSATS in the domains of science and innovation among its 27 individuals.
The president likewise cut a cake alongside the emissaries of part territories of COMSATS to praise the event.

Chief COMSATS Dr Nafees Zakaria, in his discourse, expressed that in the present quickly advancing world, science and innovation remained as the bedrock of progress and the way to opening answers for squeezing worldwide difficulties.

He likewise featured a progression of new drives by COMSATS relating to data innovation and its applications, man-made consciousness, genomic sequencing, sustainable power, electric vehicles, accuracy farming, modern biotechnology and environmental change.

Prof. Dr. Lin Zhaohui, Chief, the Worldwide Community for Environment and Climate Sciences (ICCES), China, on the event, said the achievement in the excursion of COMSATS should have been valued for the association’s proceeded with obligation to advancing South and three-sided Collaboration in the domain of science, innovation and advancement.

He additionally featured the issue of environmental change as one of the impending dangers to the planet and valued COMSATS for being at the very front of advancing reasonable arrangements and natural stewardship.

COMSATS an intergovernmental association of 27 part states, has its Secretariat facilitated by the Public authority of Pakistan, in Islamabad starting around 1994. Nobel Laureate and widely acclaimed researcher Prof. Abdus Salam was the mind behind COMSATS’ creation.

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