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Power distributors urge a significant Rs4.66 per unit surge in January electricity bills.

This sought-after increase stems from FCA for November 2023

  • Increment comes from fuel charges change for Nov.
  • CPPA applies with Nepra to raise power costs.
  • Nepra plans formal review on December 27.

ISLAMABAD: Adding to the hardships of as of now stressed power buyers, the power distribution companies (Discos), excluding K-Electric, have sought a massive increase in the January 2024 bills, The News reported Wednesday.

The Discos are seeking approval from the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) to levy an extra Rs4.6617 per unit on consumers for January 2024. This sought-after increase stems from the fuel charges adjustment (FCA) for November 2023.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA), on behalf of Discos, has applied with Nepra to raise electricity prices under the November 2023 FCA.

Nepra has booked a formal proceeding on December 27 to survey the November FCA and hosts welcomed all intrigued or impacted get-togethers to introduce composed or oral complaints as allowed by regulation.

As per the CPPA’s application, the complete power produced in November added up to 7,547 gigawatt-hours (GWh), evaluated at Rs7.1704 per unit. The general energy cost was Rs54.113 billion.

Hydel power contributed 2,755 GWh (36.50%), causing zero power generation costs. Coal-fired power plants delivered 1,473 GWh (13.08%), with a complete expense of Rs15 billion (Rs15.27/unit), joining neighborhood and imported coal sources (987 + 486 GWh).

Gas-based power plants generated 695 GWh (9.21%) at Rs14.6197 per unit, while Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) contributed 798 GWh (10.57%) at Rs23.7171 per unit.

Moreover, power from bagasse added up to 27 GWh at Rs6 per unit. Wind power recorded 148 GWh (1.96%), and sun based power contributed 50 GWh (0.66%) of the absolute age in November.

Nuclear power sources created 1,572 GWh (20.83%) at Rs1.2071 per unit, while power imported from Iran represented 30 GWh (0.39%) at Rs27.7281 per unit. Information from CPPA-G submitted to Nepra demonstrates that the net power conveyed to Discos in November was 7,288 GWh (96.57%) at a pace of Rs9.444 per unit, with a complete expense of Rs68.834 billion.

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