Thursday, June 13, 2024
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PM Shehbaz Approves Rs23B For AJK

An agreement has been reached regarding the acceptance of the demands of the government and the All Jammu Kashmir People’s Action Committee in Azad Kashmir. The Chief Secretary of Azad Kashmir has confirmed that all the demands of the committee have been accepted and an agreement has been reached. Internet services have been restored in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The Azad Kashmir government has also issued a notification to reduce the price of flour and announced new electricity rates. The price of 20 kg of flour has been fixed at Rs.1000. The price of electricity up to 100 units has been fixed at Rs.3 per unit, from 100 to 300 units at Rs.5, and for more than 300 at Rs.6 per unit.

Commercial units up to 300 units will be charged at Rs.10 per unit and for more than 300 units, the price will be Rs.15 per unit. It is worth noting that there was a protest in Azad Kashmir against electricity bills and inflation, which was initiated by the Public Action Committee. Convoys from different cities marched long. During the protests and clashes in Azad Kashmir, many protestors were injured, and a police ASI was also killed.

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