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Pishin: misbehaving with a journalist for exposing corruption

Members of the Bakhtiarabad Press Club have released a statement condemning the mistreatment of journalist Malik Najeeb by the DHQ Hospital Pashin’s Medical Superintendent (MS). The incident occurred when Najeeb reported on the hospital’s closure of its dialysis ward and the MS’s attempt to conceal corruption within the hospital

. The press club officials believe that Najeeb was simply doing his job as a journalist, which is to report the truth and bring attention to issues affecting the region. They stand in solidarity with Najeebullah Tareen and have called on authorities including the Secretary of Health Abdullah Kakar, the DG of Health Balochistan, the DIG Pashin, DPO Pashin, and the Deputy Commissioner Pashin to take legal action against the MS and DHQ Hospital Pashin

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