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People are left at the mercy of those who openly wave prohibited weapons: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has released a written judgment regarding a hearing that took place on March 6th. In the order, the court stated that individuals who wave prohibited weapons freely have left the public at their mercy. The court raised concerns that the Ministry of Home Affairs is not taking sufficient measures to ensure the safety of citizens. Submachine guns (SMGs) are often seen outside public places like schools, markets, hospitals, and even marriage halls.

People carrying weapons for criminal purposes are also seen on the streets, but the police ignore them. This has left law-abiding citizens feeling insecure. The court further added that the police have no mechanism to verify any weapons, which is quite shocking. The court has ordered the government of Pakistan to provide a written response through the interior secretary, stating whether it is the policy of the federal government to display firearms in public and whether there is any ban on displaying weapons in public places. The Supreme Court has also issued a notice to the Attorney General

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