Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Pakistan’s Significant Progress In The Field Of Space Research

Pakistan has announced its participation in China’s lunar mission Chang’e-6, which will send a satellite into space. The mission aims to obtain important samples from the south pole of the moon, which has never been attempted before. Pakistan will launch its satellite, iCube Qamar, through this mission.

The satellite was developed jointly by the Pakistan Institute of Space Technology, Sparco, the Asia-Pacific Space Operations Organization, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. In addition, satellites from France, Italy, and Sweden will also be launched into space. The payload consists of the Chang’e-6 spacecraft orbiter, lander, ascent, and re-entry module.

The logo of Sparco of Pakistan has also been created with European agencies. The primary mission of Chang’e-6 is to obtain samples of lunar orbits and rocks from the south pole of the Moon, where it will land from Earth. This mission also includes a special planet that will be launched to improve communication links in the ground control room. The preparations for the mission’s departure are in the final stages, with a launch expected in early May.

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