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Pakistan Sents 6th Tranche of Humanitarian Assistance to Gaza.

In accordance with the Government of Pakistan’s directive to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in collaboration with Al-Khidmat has coordinated a civil cargo plane for sixth tranche of relief assistance.

Palestinian Ambassador in Pakistan Mr. Ahmed Rebai, officials of NDMA, MoFA and representatives of Al-Khidmat Foundation attended the send-off ceremony at Jinnah International Airport Karachi today.

The humanitarian assistance flight will land at Al-Arish Egypt, where Pakistan Ambassador to Egypt will receive the tranche for further distribution to Palestinian people.

This sixth relief consignment comprises 100 tons of assistance including 30 tons of blankets, special winterized family tents and 70 tons of medicines and tinned food items as per needs at Gaza.

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Earlier, NDMA has sent five relief consignments comprising 230 tons of aid which included special winterized tents, blankets, surgical supplies, medicines, and food packs.

Pakistan remains committed to supporting the Palestinian people during this difficult period, offering its solidarity, and seeking peaceful resolution.

Earlier on Monday, a Pakistani military aircraft carrying much-needed supplies for the people of Gaza touched down at El-Arish International Airport. It was fifth batch of humanitarian assistance provided by the South Asian nation.

The shipment consisted of 230 tons of winterized tents, tarpaulins, and blankets, critical aid for Palestinians facing harsh winter conditions and ongoing hardship.

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