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Pakistan Most Popular Foods to Eat

Pakistani cuisine is incredibly spiced and varied. Due to the nation’s diversity, there are many different delicious foods to choose from. It can be confusing for a visitor to decide which dishes to try, so we’ll discuss Pakistan’s best desi dishes here. The range of regional dishes available in Pakistan is going to astound you.


I just have to talk about Nihari to get this list started properly. This recipe is so full of incredibly tender meat chunks that. They practically float in desi ghee that it is a game-changer. Because of the spice and ghee infusion, it has a rich red hue. Without nihari, Pakistani food could not be considered complete. 

While nihari is typically eaten for breakfast in Punjab. It is typically eaten for dinner in Karachi. The main ingredient in this dish is meat, primarily beef. Though occasionally chicken is also used. The amount of spice used varies depending on the region of Pakistan where nihari is consumed. Nihari is eaten with naan, a type of thick bread, and is topped with ginger, lemon, and green chilies.


One of Pakistan’s favorite foods is karahi, which is usually. Made with mutton and chicken but can also be made with beef. We love this dish, which you can find anywhere in the nation. The basic ingredients of Karahi’s recipe are tomatoes and onions.

Then the meat is added and combined with the tomato broth (this is what makes the magic happen). Again, the degree of spice varies from city to city, but generally speaking, we like it spicy! In Pakistan, there are numerous other variations of karahi as well. Such as butt Karachi and shrimp karahi.


Barley, various kinds of wheat, and chickpeas are combined to make haleem. It draws inspiration from and is influenced by the Middle East. For many years, people have been preparing and consuming haleem, and it never lets them down. Usually, lunch or breakfast are when it is consumed. The fact that haleem can be eaten with a Naan or straight from the spoon is its best feature. Following a satisfying haleem, your heart will be satisfied. Pakistan’s top haleem spots are in Karachi and Lahore.

Halwa Puri

Without a doubt, Pakistan’s favorite breakfast is halwa puri. After a delicious halwa puri. You may find yourself feeling extremely satisfied and sluggish. On Sundays, the majority of Pakistanis relish halwa puri.

This dish is actually two separate dishes. The first is halwa, which is similar to a sweet pudding. The second is Puri, which tastes a lot better than a paratha. You usually get a delicious curry made of chana and pickles along with halwa puri.


“Mustard greens,” or “saag,” are a popular dish in the Punjab province. Mint, coriander, and chilli flakes are used as seasonings, along with copious. Amounts of delicious desi ghee. It is frequently served with saag and paneer on top. Completely astounding!


The Farsi word “Birian” is where the English word “Biryani” originates. The cooking method gave rise to the dish’s name (Dum). Originally, the dish was Persian in origin. In Pakistan, biryani has the power to make or break fortunes.

There is no middle ground when it comes to briyani—it’s all in or all out. The national dish of our country is biryani. It’s the reason we dress up for a wedding on Sunday and go to work on Fridays. Our expression of happiness and sorrow is through biryani. At a wedding, you will be served biryani, and at a funeral, you will still be served biryani.


Bloch cuisine, also known as sajji or sejji, is a very unique food type that has swept our food market. This specific type of food is made entirely by skewing the meat of. Your choice (lamb or chicken), which gives it a delicious and distinctive flavor. 

Sajji, also known as Sejji, is traditionally made with lamb, but people. Have altered it to suit their tastes in meat. The entire skewered meat is cooked over coals with a very small amount of a unique kind of spice.

Daal (Lentil Stew)

Dhal is a blend of Indian flavors that is currently Pakistan’s central region. This particular dish is typically served with Daal Chawwal, a locally known. Brand of boiled rice. This dish is served to the impoverished on the streets as well as in the mansions of the wealthy and privileged. In our nation, daal comes in a variety of varieties known as Peeli Daal, Kaali Daal, etc.


Lassi is a popular dish in Pakistan that can be served either sweet or salty. When served for lunch or dinner, the beverage is salty, but when consumed for breakfast, it is sweet. Punjab has the highest consumption, which is thought to be revitalizing and invigorating.

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