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Pakistan Forest Situation and PM Message on International Forest Day

Pakistan’s total area under forest cover is less than 5 percent. And around 1.5 percent of these forests are lost every year. This is current Pakistan Forest Situation.

Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif in his message. On International Day of Forests 2024 has said Pakistan joins the global community.

This year’s theme ‘Forests and Innovations: New solutions for a better world’. highlights the need to harness technological innovations. To address the growing threats to our forests.

Innovations can help us sustainably restore, protect, and manage. Use our forests in the most efficient manner by hampering risks of deforestation. Habitat degradation, and climate change.

This has profound impacts on Pakistan’s biodiversity, environment and agriculture. Being one of the most climate-impacted countries in the world. Climate change events are becoming more frequen. And massively devastating for Pakistan, pointing to the urgent need. To conserve our indigenous forests.

it is critical to our survival as a nation, prime minster said on current Pakistan Forest Situation

He said our government is embarking. On the next phase of our ambitious Green Pakistan Initiative. Which was first launched by PMLN-led government in 2016. To improve forest cover and concerted efforts were made. For conservation of biodiversity in Pakistan.

In its next phase, the Green Pakistan Initiative aims to improve the forest cover. Preserve wildlife habitats and help carbon sequestration, he said.

Given the important role that forests play in the environment. Let us resolve to protect and conserve them. I would reaffirm Government of Pakistan’s firm commitment. To undertake all necessary steps to preserve and improve forest cover in Pakistan. Prime minister said, we will ensure that our crucial forest ecosystems.

All over Pakistan are protected as they are the lifeline of livelihood. And environmental well-being of our nation. I call upon the provincial governments, civil society and all our citizens. To become our partners in our quest for Green Pakistan.

Today is about investing in our future. I urge the nation to synergize their efforts in safeguarding this invaluable resource. And ensure its effective stewardship for our next generation.

Plant today for a prosperous tomorrow!

Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran
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