Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Norway removes Pakistan from National Threat Assessment list

Norway, which is a Scandinavian nation, has made an important decision to remove Pakistan from its list of national security concerns. This decision was made due to Pakistan’s successful diplomatic efforts which convinced the Norwegian authorities to exclude Pakistan from the list. The announcement was made in the latest report by Norway’s Police Security Service, which is responsible for intelligence and security matters in the country.

For several years, Pakistan was listed in Norway’s National Threat Assessment, which created difficulties for Pakistani students and researchers who often faced hurdles due to their country’s status on the list. Indian media also played a role in propagating against Pakistan’s inclusion in this assessment, further complicating the matter. However, Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts proved fruitful, leading to its removal from the list. This decision is expected to improve Pakistan’s image on the global stage and create new educational opportunities for its students and researchers.

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